Conversations are easy when we have a relationship. My best friend has an expression that I love. She often says :   “Let’s get together for a chitchat.” We spend a couple of hours together every couple of weeks  and just talk. We talk about everything and nothing. There is lots of laughter and sometimes […]

That Girl- Those Questions

There are two types of girls. There are the girls that everybody runs toward. Folks love having conversations with those girls. These are the the girls that everyone wants on their best friend list.  Then,  there is the other kind of girl. The kind of girl who people shake their head at and run from […]


My Heart Hears You Say , Come and Talk With Me  Psalm 27:8 (NLT)  At first glance , the invitation seems daunting. It is like being given an informal invitation to a celebrity wedding. Is this a joke? Who is this really? When we are assured that the invitation is real questions flood my mind. […]