31 Days-Change of Habit

31 Days WRITE -Habit

We talked yesterday about choices that become habits that lead to liberating lifestyles.

We are invited to come & talk with  God.

Scripture is packed with invitations.

  • Come & talk with me
  • Ask & I will answer
  • Draw near to Me & I will draw near to you
  • Come to Me all you who are weary  with heavy loads & I will give you rest

But there is a condition.

I have to choose to come.

I have to make a will choice to come.

I  have to choose to embrace the offer of relationship.

How do I choose today to come & talk with Him?

  • What does that look like?
  • What do I do?
  • How does one choice become a habit?
  • How does it lead to a defining lifestyle?

Make A Choice

As you read this post pray this:

Holy Spirit, I invite You to lead my decisions and emotions for the rest of today. (John 14:17-18)

Start A Habit

Pray the same prayer

  • several more times today
  • as you lay down to sleep tinight
  • when you awake tomorrow morning
  • throughout the day tomorrow
  • repeat  as needed!

Choose Life

A friend sent me an email this morning reflecting on the post Choices.

Here is what Jeff said:

I am glad that the journey with Daddy is simple. He says- I love you, be with Me!  That’s it!

Let’s Talk

Choose Life!


Virtually yours


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One thought on “31 Days-Change of Habit

  1. Yes Linda, it is always a choice. It is the only way to walk through life. Holy Spirit you lead in the dance 🙂