31 Days-Choices

31 Days WRITE -Choices

Behind every choice, every habit, every new direction there needs to be a what, a why &  a who.

We need to understand

  • what attracted our attention
  • why we were  compelled to make a choice;
  • who empowers us to face the daily discipline of new habits

They provide the motivation to begin or to stop.

They provide the energy & the faith to turn in a new direction.

We are 51 Days from 2016.  I believe that most of the resolve we had to do things differently in 2015 bore little fruit. Our lives   look very little  different.

The reason for the failure was not with our choice or with our will power.

The failure was because it was not preceded by a firm understanding of the process of change.

The choice must be inspired by deep conviction that is spoken by God.

The choice must be sustained by an empowerment that comes from God alone.

The choices then

  • stabilize
  • become habits
  • become defining , liberating lifestyles.


New choices  are best understood in the context of the  concept of repentance.

Repentance Means ‘To Turn’

Repentance means to be going in one direction & then make a radical turn .

Repentance is a radical change of habit, lifestyle or attitude.

We determine to turn in an entirely new direction.

We turn with a resolve & an urgency to not go back.

If we go far enough down the new path the way back closes behind us.

There is a point of no return.

This can be seen negatively unless the inspiration & empowerment of our choice is clear.


The Repentance 

Of the Choice

Leads to Liberty


A Writer’s Choice

I have called myself a writer for many years. I wrote stories as a little girl. I have talked about writing, read about writing, named three different blogs.  I set them up . I have boxes of pens and notebooks . My ‘techy’ tools were all linked & ready to go. But I never wrote!

On January 1, 2014 I repented.

I turned in a new direction. I found a challenge called My 500 Words.

There was just one requirement. Write a minimum of 500 words every single day. They don’t have to be brilliant, or purposeful or good words. They just have to be 500 words.

My old pattern was to sign up for things; get really excited, watch others grow & change but not  really participate. It is much safer to stay in the observer frame of mind.

Shame, brokenness & isolation always kept me from moving forward; kept me from entering into life & into relationship.

This time was different. By March 7/14 I had  written on sixty-four of sixty-six days. I had  written in excess of 43,000 words.

A Choice Became A Habit

I Was Being Uncaged

I  Moved From Design to Destiny

Inspired & Empowered By God

I Am A Writer

Today’s Conversation

Today is Day 10  of Pray the WRITE Way.

The invitation remains the same.

My Heart Has Heard You Say

Come & Talk With Me

My Heart Responds

Lord I Am Coming

-Psalm 27:8


What attracts your  attention?

Why are you compelled to choose to keep reading these posts?

Who will empower you to face the daily discipline of new habits?


What I Am Offering You Today

Is Not Too Difficult For You

Or Beyond Your Reach

The Choice Is Very Near You

It Is In Your Mouth & In Your Heart

I Give You A Choice Today

Life or Death 

Prosperity or Disaster

Choose Life !

Deut 30: 1-20

Today is the  day of repentance.

Today is the day of  a new direction.

 In Twenty-one Days

You Can Be


 Free To  Live In

Passion- Purpose-Peace

Choose to Turn

Virtually yours



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