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I hate change. It makes me uncomfortable & anxious. I am by nature a planner & organizer. I make lists of my lists. I begin packing for a trip, even an overnight trip days before I go  & when I arrive at my destination I begin to think about repacking to go home almost as soon as we arrive.

The planning of an activity can take more time than the actual doing of the activity.

Planning  & writing posts in this 31 Day series – Pray the WRITE Way  has stretched me & is decidedly  uncomfortable.

My schedule has been destroyed. I’m already 9 days behind!

The topic for today, Comfort Zones  wasn’t even on the list .


Because This Series

Is About Learning to Listen

To What God Wants To Say

It’s Not About What I Want To Write

God Talks On His Timetable Not Mine

My Job Is Simply To Come & To Listen



I receive an email daily from Bill & Marsha Burns called Small Straws in A Soft Wind.

Here is Marsha’s post from yesterday.

You have been out of your comfort zone for some time.  I have asked you to do things that were difficult and even exasperating.  But, now you will begin to establish new routines and ways of doing things that will make life much easier in many ways.  What you must do now is be sensitive to My Spirit and allow Me to take the lead.  Determine to know My will in every situation, says the Lord.

1 John 2:17 And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.

I talk to a lot of people about their prayer life.

I have found the many if not most people are more comfortable with praying for other people then they are praying for themselves.

They are even comfortable in believing that God speaks to them, nudges them about the needs of others. God speaks.

They respond in action.

Sometimes they even go so far as telling their friend something like “I think God wants you to know………”

We pour out our hearts to God concerning our family, our friends, our church community & maybe even our city & country.

God responds to our cries & acts in response to our conversation.

Many of us cried out to God concerning the nine killed in the mass murder in Roseberg, Oregon . We may have even shed tears.

But when it comes to our own lives we hesitate to tell Him what we are thinking, feeling or need.

We are reluctant to talk to Him . We doubt that He will respond.

Like Adam & Eve we are hiding. Like Adam & Eve we feel naked & ashamed.

We are outside our Comfort Zone.

Today’s Conversation

The word will can mean desire.  The concept is explored in the post I for Inheritance in the Ephesians A to Z series. The Burn’s quote above uses the word ‘will‘ four times.

Today I invite you to :

Step 1: Choose by an act of your will  to have a two-way conversation with the Holy Spirit.  Both get to listen & to talk.

Step 2: Reflect on the Burn’s quote.

Step 3: Tell Him about all those areas where you feel uncomfortable & stressed. WRITE them down.

Step 4: Ask Him to talk to you about the quote. WRITE your impressions of what He is saying to you.

Step 5: Share your experience with someone else.

I would love to hear from you.  Post a comment or better yet send me an email at admin@lindafode.com. It can be as simple as just saying – I Came & Talked With Him.

Virtually yours






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