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The song It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is ringing in my head.

Christmas can be that. It can be a Season of Joy where we connect with others & with God in new and refreshing ways.

We are surrounded by media that puts unattainable expectations on Christmas . Everything I hear these last couple of weeks is about how busy we are & how frantic everyone feels about doing Christmas ‘right’.

We feel pressured to do more, spend more and be more than humanly possible.

We are distracted from experiencing the Reason for the Season- the coming of Immanuel into our world and into our lives.

We have expectations of having a Hallmark Christmas this year.

There will be a perfect tree, perfectly behaved children, perfect gifts & baking without calories. The snow on Christmas Eve will cover the lawns but not the roads . It will fall from a starlit sky & will cease at midnight. Did I mention the perfect family gathering even with crazy Aunt Mildred & grumpy Uncle Ambrose in attendance ? My apologies to any Mildred or Ambrose feeling slighted right now. Problems with anyone called Bob or Mary may be still raw from last year.

Core Lies

I believe the unattainable expectations promoted by the media are actually burning arrows shot by the Evil One.

They ignite Core Lies.

Core Lies are ingrained in early childhood often before age 5.

They are the result of something that happened or something that is heard.

The core lies are

  • I’m a disappointment
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m defective
  • I’m too much to handle & will get rejected
  • It’s all my fault
  • I’m helpless ; powerless to fix this
  • I’m unwanted/unloved
  • I’m bad

These lies form our worldview & are the foundation of our motivations.

Most importantly they define our view of our self , our view of God & of our relationship with Him.

We will either work tirelessly to prove the lies are wrong or give in to to them.

We end up feeling discouraged, defeated & depressed.

We are disappointed in ourselves.

We feel guilty.

Doing Christmas ‘Real’ not ‘Right’

How do we move past the discouragement, disappointment & defeat?

How do we let go of the guilt?

How can I do Christmas ‘real’ instead of ‘right’ this year ?


Doing Christmas Real

Is Experiencing

The Reality

Of Someone

Already Here


Today’s Conversation

 Step 1– Ask Jesus

  • What are my core lies?
  • Where did they begin?
  • What is pulling me away from the comfort & peace?
  • What would doing  Christmas ‘real’ this year look like?
  • What has robbed me of the reality of Immanuel- God With Me?

Step 2– Listen For His Response

  • Make a note of what you feel He is saying in your notebook.
  • How does Immanuel want to be with you today?

Step 3– Take Time To Listen to Today’s Video

  • Imagine your perfect Christmas
  • Create your own Advent Calendar
  • Give yourself one comforting treat per day.
  • What would the treat for today be?


Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle was born in 1961 in a little village in Scotland. Oxygen deficit at birth resulted in a learning disability. She was bullied at school & called ‘Susan Simple’. She was catapulted onto the world stage when she won the Britain’s Got Talent competition in 2009. I can only imagine the internal struggle with the flaming arrows she faced.

Today I’ve featured Susan’s rendition of Silent Night from her album I Dreamed A Dream.



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  1. Thank you for this blog Linda – It has made me search for why I don’t like Christmas time…