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Every story about the birth of a baby features mom & baby as the stars of the show. The Christmas Story is no exception. Think back on all the Christmas concerts you attended.

The most  coveted role was  always  that of Mary.

In upscale productions with EMT on site Mary got to hold a real baby.

Next in importance came the Wise Men , the Shepherds & of course the Angels.

Joseph  is usually classed as supporting cast.

I believe that from God’s perspective Joseph was the actual star of the show.

Without him would Mary & Jesus have survived?

He was a Superhero or at least an Everyday Hero.

We love stories about heroes. They do great things against great odds.

There were several superheroes in the terrorist shooting last week in California.

The man who covered a young co-worker with his body saving her life but losing his own was a superhero.

The trauma surgeon who appeared on the scene in his own vehicle, with his own equipment to rescue the victims is a superhero.

He faced rejection, violence & imprisonment.

He was a Muslim! 

He was also an Everyday Hero willing to enter the battle.

He risked his own well being to bring life & peace to others.

Joseph took the same kind of risks.

Here is his story.


Joseph Was a Good Man

  • He was engaged to a young girl called Mary.
  • Engagement was as legally binding as marriage. The only way to break an engagement was divorce.
  • Mary was pregnant.
  • Joseph wasn’t the dad.
  • Mary was telling wild stories about the baby.
  • The law stated that she should be stoned to death.
  • Joseph married Mary anyway.

Joseph Heard God

  • Mary & Zechariah had visits & conversations with angels.
  • The Wise Men followed a new Star.
  • The Shepherds saw myriads of angels & the Glory of God.
  • Joseph just had dreams

In the first dream he was told to not be afraid to take Mary as his wife. The child within her was conceived by the Holy Spirit.

The angel in the dream repeated the information that a real angel had communicated to Mary.

In my opinion an angelic visitation outweighs a dream about an angel hundred times over.

Was the dream just a reflection of what Joseph wanted to believe?

In his hurt & devastation had his subconscious just made it up?

Joseph Obeyed

Scriptures tell us that there were at least two other dreams giving Joseph specific instructions.

In each case Joseph obeyed.

Tradition tells us that the Wise Men came about two years after the birth.

Mary & Joseph had probably settled down in Bethlehem. Maybe Joseph had opened another carpenter shop. They were far away from the wagging tongues and rumors about an illegitimate child.

Joseph had another dream. “Pack up, leave your country; your culture and go to Egypt” said the angel in the dream.

What was his response? Instant obedience!

I would love to have heard the conversation between Joseph & Mary as they packed up, leaving their home, friends & community once again.

Their destination, Egypt was definitely not on the Jewish favorite places list. And yet off they went.

This time there was no emotion driving the response to the dream.

In fact it was probably more difficult to respond this time because there wasn’t an immediate crisis.

Joseph is a hero.

  • He had faith.
  • He obeyed.
  • He led his family.
  • He took responsibility
  • He died before Jesus triumphed over the Enemy on the Cross
  • He never saw the fulfillment of the Promise.

Heroes are Heroes because

  • They act instinctively
  • They act quickly
  • They have hearts that trust
  • They don’t debate the issues.
  • They hear God
  • They believe God

Joseph Was An Everyday Hero

Doing Everyday Things

Listening- Believing-Obeying


Because He Believed A Dream 

All of  History

All of Eternity

Was Changed Forever.

The Purposes of the Father

Established Before

The Creation of the Earth

Are Kept in Motion

By Everyday Heroes

A Fresh Look At Christmas

Read the Christmas Story in  the Gospels of Matthew & Luke.

Look for Everyday Heroes.

  • Who are your Everyday Heroes ?
  • Take time to connect with them this season.
  • Let them know they made a difference in your life.

If you were a character in the Christmas Story what role would you play?

  • Take time to sit quietly in the presence of the Father today.
  • Listen for His voice
  • Let Him remind you of all the ways you are a  an Everyday Hero

I Choose To Believe

That I Am An Everyday Hero

Fulfilling The Purposes of God



Everyday Heroes Raise Me Up

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