31 Days- Exploding Words

31 Days WRITE-Exploding W

It is 6 a.m. on this Sunday morning.

Awake, I respond to His invitation “Come & Talk With Me?”.

I go to my Meeting Place – in this case my Kindle Paperwhite tucked securely under the decorative pillow in the middle of our king sized bed.

As is my usual pattern I open up the book of Psalms.

Today being Nov 8, I start with Psalm 8 then 38, 68, 98 & 128.

I ask  Father to speak through His word.

I long to engage with him. I long to  feel His presence & His comfort.

I wait for His direction for my day.

I listen for the people in my thoughts & on my heart this morning.

The Question

The question is ‘How do I make the shift from reading  about Him to actually engaging with Him in a two-way conversation?’

John Bevere answers the question in a post called How To Withstand the Storm.

John says:

I have often told people to listen for God’s voice within my voice when I am preaching.

Often we are so busy taking notes we only record everything said by the man or woman who is speaking.

But mere head knowledge does not bring true understanding.

Only God’s Word gives the light we need—and He wants to speak directly to us through it.

When we possess only head knowledge, two things can happen:

  • we can become easily susceptible to hype or emotionalism
  • we can become bound by our intellects.

There is a deeper and surer foundation available to us.

When we listen to an anointed minister speak, or when we read a book or blog post, we should look for the words or phrases that explode in our spirits.

This is the Word God is revealing to us.

It conveys light & spiritual understanding.

It is the entrance of His Word into our hearts, not our minds that illuminates and clarifies.


God Speaks to Us

Through Words & Images


Explode Into Our Spirit

 The Explosion

I got no further then Psalm 38 this morning when these verses exploded into my spirit.


My whole body is sick. My health is broken . My guilt overwhelms me.

I am bent over & racked with pain. All day long I walk around filled with grief.

I am exhausted & completely crushed. My groans come from an anguished heart.

I am on the verge of collapse, facing constant pain .

You know what I long for . You hear my every sigh.


The Father &  I Conversed

We  Both Cried

We Talked  About A Dear Friend

Struggling with Deep Depression & Physical Pain

I Talked – He Listened

He Talked – I Listened

 Today’s Conversation

Step 1: Choose to go  to the  Meeting  Place – the Word of God & your Notebook. In a pinch your iPhone will do.

Step 2: Invite God to speak to you.

Step 3: Try the Psalm Prayer Pattern. (8-38-68-98-128).

Step 4: Wait for the first  exploding words.

Step 5: WRITE  them  in your notebook.

Step 6: Talk-Listen : Listen-Talk

Step 7: When the flow stops go out & enjoy your day.

Virtually yours



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  1. This is so neat. We are studying the book of Psalms in our Bible study. Thank you for the thoughtul words. Love reading your posts. Johanna