31 Days – He’s With Me !

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Are you a little jaded about Christmas 2015 ?

When I tell you there are only ten more sleeps until Christmas what thoughts run through your head?

What feelings hit the pit of your stomach?

Are you ready for a break from the ordinary?

Are you looking for Christmas to be extraordinary this year?

It can be !

The Message of Christmas

God Has Come

To Ordinary People

His Name Is Emmanuel

 We Are Part Of

His Extraordinary Story



Jesus came as a child & as a son .

He was to be named Jesus for he would save his people from their sins.

The names child, son & Jesus  tell us of his identity during the 33 years or so of his life on earth.

The names given in Isaiah 9:6 reveal

The Promise Of

His Extraordinary Presence

In Our  Ordinary Lives 

Christmas 2015

He’s With Me 

  • Wonderful Counselor
  • Mighty God
  • Everlasting Father
  • Prince of Peace

The names were given in a unique order that is meaningful. We will look at each one in turn.

 Celebrate Christmas  2015 

With  Joyous Anticipation

Instead Of

Grim Resolution


Enter Into

The Extraordinary

Presence Of  Immanuel 

God Is With You !


Wynonna Judd had an incredibly difficult life including never knowing her birth father. She has struggled with both fame & rejection. She knows the battle of addictions & self-hatred.

Her song I Can Only Imagine touched my heart & I pray it touches yours. Enjoy!



Today’s Conversation

Take time today to talk to Immanuel

  • tell Him about any disappointment with Christmas
  • tell Him about your longing to experience His extraordinary presence.

Let Him tell you about

  • your part in His extraordinary story

If you wrote the song  I Can Only Imagine what would the lyrics be.

Virtually yours






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