31 Days-Hungry?

31 Days WRITE -D3

Three things are needed to develop a dynamic relationship with God. Today we will look at the first thing needed .

We need to be very hungry.

Hunger is a signal to eat.

If you have ever watched a 2 year old or a 3 1/2 year old  with opinions you will know the hunger is very specific.

A hungry child will let you know what, when & how much they are going to eat.

Be encouraged young Moms- they won’t starve . Most of them will thrive no matter how bizarre their food preferences seem to be.

We are meant to eat when hungry & stop when satisfied . We are meant to eat a wide variety of foods that we enjoy.

Comfort &  Company

We are meant to eat in the company of others. Food meets not only our biological needs but our emotional needs.

Hence, the term comfort foods.  A food can have not just nutritional value but also an emotional context.

My granddaughter’s favorite meal & her consistent request for her birthday meal is chili & cornbread. I delight to make them  for her. She asked her  mom: “Does Nana know how to make cornbread like yours?” Reassured that my recipe is the same as her moms, she thoroughly enjoys my chili & cornbread & feels loved when I make it.

For Ella, chili & cornbread has  an emotional context.

We  get in trouble with food,  especially our comfort foods when we try to meet an emotional or relational need with that food.

Addictions are are based in trying to meet a legitimate need in an illegitimate way.

We try to meet a legitimate hunger in an illegitimate way.


We have many hungers.

  • Hunger for Relationship
    • with others
    • with our self
    • with God
  • Hunger for Belonging
  • Hunger for Worth
  • Hunger for Value
  • Hunger for Peace
  • Hunger for the Basics of Life
    • food
    • shelter
    • safety
    • work
    • marriage
    • children
  • Hunger for Freedom
    • from anxiety
    • from loss
    • from rejection

Today’s Conversation


Jesus Declared

I am the Bread of Life

No One Who Comes to Me

Will Ever Be Hungry Again

John 6:35

What are you hungry for this morning ?

 Your hunger  is not the issue.

The way you satisfy that hunger is the issue.

Step 1: Talk to Jesus about an unfulfilled hunger in your life.  Be real with Him about your hurt, disappointment & frustration even with Him.

Step 2:  Listen for his response .

Step 3: Spend a few minutes listening for his voice & receiving his comfort.

Step 4: What do you think he is saying?

Step 5: WRITE your impressions in your notebook.

 The Challenge

If Jesus Is

The Bread of Life

How Will My Life

Be Different Today?


For all my Canadian friends , I pray that your Thanksgiving Weekend with be filled with Comfort Foods & Good Company.

Virtually yours






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