31 Days- It’s Time!

That Time

It’s That Time Again!

Four Sundays.

Twenty-four sleeps!

Black Friday- Cyber Monday. Cooking , shopping, baking. Much left to do !

Take a deep breathe. Relax. Don’t panic.


I’m talking about Advent.

Traditionally, it is a time when we reflect on the meaning of the coming of Jesus into the world.

We have a variety of ways we celebrate. It can involve lighting candles on an Advent Wreath or focusing on different parts of the Christmas Story each Sunday evening.

There are Christmas Concerts with at least one five year old picking their nose. Of course it was never your child.

It invariably involves a chocolate each day from the Advent Calendar we purchased at the dollar store. Yum!

Advent means the arrival , appearance, occurrence, dawn, origin, birth, rise, or development of something new, wonderful & often unexpected.


Advent is Experiencing

The Reality

Of Someone

Who Is Already Here

Immanuel.png ( From etsy)

Messy Lives

Immanuel came to deal with real people whose lives were a mess .

Not much has changed. We are still real people with messy lives.

We need to hear the good news .

Immanuel Still

Changes People


Cleans Up Messes


Minutes With Immanuel

Over the next four  weeks join me at Pray the WRITE Way to experience Christmas 2015 in a fresh, new way.

We have been deepening our ability to have personal conversations with Jesus.

Over these next four weeks take the opportunity to take a few minutes each day to focus on Immanuel.

Reflect on how He  has met you over the last year.

Talk to Him about your dreams for 2016.

Give Him opportunity to speak his dreams for you.

Let  Him hold all the mess &  all the sorrow.

Thank Him for the joys.

Most of all just bask in the joy of the season.

Each post will include a special treat to  touch your heart.


Enjoy Today’s Treat


Virtually yours


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