31 Days- Let’s Get Started

31 Days WRITE -D1

Congratulations! You’ve already completed the 1st day of the 31 in 31 Challenge.

You pushed past the feelings of overwhelm & defeat concerning prayer.

You ignored those little whispers that said:

  • I’m going to have to keep a prayer journal
  • There will be a whole lot of rules to follow
  • I don’t know what to pray about
  • It’s one more thing I have to add to my already overloaded ‘to do’ list
  • It’s…………. (fill in your own fears & doubts) about your prayer life.

You pushed past the words  ‘WRITE  & Pray’ .

You let the words ‘Conversational Relationship’ tug at your heart.

You are reading the Invitation.

My Heart Hears  You Say

Come & Talk With Me

The InvitationYour eyes focus on the peaceful image .

You take a deep breathe .

You respond.

I Want to Come 

I Want to  Talk With You

I’m A Prayer

Do you realize that you have already prayed ?

You have already had a two-way conversation with the God who is with you & who lives in you.

He Talked & You Listened

He Listened as You Responded


31 in 31 Challenge

I  Challenge to You Have

31 Conversations In 31 Days

My Commitment

31 Posts, Prompts, Pictures or Parables

That Supports Your Journey

 A Conversational Relationship

With Jesus

Who Lives With You


Lives In You

For Today

My Heart Has Heard You Say

Come & Talk With Me

My Heart Responds

Lord, I Am Coming

Psalm 27:8

WRITE the verse

  • in a small notebook
  • on sticky note
  • in notes on your smartphone
  • text it to yourself
  • email me

Virtually yours




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