31 Days – Letter From Home

Conversations-Letter From Home



This week we have been looking at the names given to Jesus.

We have seen that:

Jesus Is


God With Us

Wonderful Counselor 

The One Who Listens & Responds.

Mighty God

The One Who Acts On Our Behalf


Today we begin to embrace his role as

Everlasting Father

The One Who Has Adopted  Us


Jesus came into the very world He created.

But the world didn’t recognize Him.

He came to his own people.

And even they rejected Him.

But to all who believed Him & accepted Him

He gave the right to become the children of God

John 1:10-12


Jesus Came For Three Purposes

  • Revelation– Jesus came to reveal that God is a Father.
  • Relationship– Jesus came to teach us how to have a real relationship with Father.
  • Reconciliation– Jesus’ death on the Cross restored our relationship with the Father.


Three Ways To Respond

  • I can choose to Believe that I am restored to live as a chosen, adopted child.
  • I can choose to Belong. I am not an orphan!
  • I can choose to Become all that Father designed & empowers me to be.


  Today I Invite You

To  Take The Time

To Listen To

 A Letter From Your Dad


Whether You Are Two or Eighty-two

You Are Still His Kid

He Adores You

Let Him Look Into Your Eyes!

Come Home For Christmas

Dad Is Waiting !



Virtually yours


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