31 Days – Panic or Peace

ADV Panic or Peace

A baby was born last Wednesday in a vehicle at the side of the highway  on a snowy Saskatchewan morning.

Mom & Dad thought they had plenty of time to travel from their home in Weyburn to the hospital in Regina.

Baby Boy Sandhu had a different opinion.

Dad being an engineer was inventive & used his phone charging cord to tie the umbilical  cord. Yeah tech minded folks!

The ambulance arrived 25 minutes later. Mom, Dad & son are doing well.

I imagine there were far more moments of panic then peace in the preceding hour.

Did Mary & Joseph experience panic in those minutes preceding the birth of Jesus?

Mary was about fourteen.

Joseph probably knew nothing about ‘birthing babies’.

Where is an angel or two when you really need one?

A young couple I know are having their first baby on Tuesday. The first time Mom could go into labor before the scheduled surgery.

That would create some panic. Even with the event tidily planned & prepared for I suspect there  will be moments of panic over the next 2 days.

How does this couple move from panic to peace?

How did Mary & Joseph keep calm in very scary circumstances ?

How did they face their crisis when they were far from home & very much alone ?

How does our faith become practical in times when we desperately need peace?

Christmas 2015 sees so many facing panicky situations.

  • financial crises
  • health crises
  • job loss
  • divorce
  • deaths of loved ones
  • etc. etc.etc.

What are your places of panic this Christmas?

Jesus came to bring peace into the places of panic.

We desperately need peace.

  • peace with God
  • peace with others
  • peace with ourselves
  • peace with our circumstances

 Immanuel Is

The Counselor 

The One Who Listens & Responds.

Mighty God

The One Who Acts On Our Behalf

Our Adoptive Father 

The One Who Welcomes Us Into His Family


From Panic to Peace

Immanuel Comes

Jesus Comes 

For One Reason

He Comes To Bring Us Peace


This Christmas you can move from panic to peace. 

Anxious & overwhelmed  take your panic to Him.

Jesus listens.

Jesus  acts.

He holds us gently in His arms.

He quiets the storm.

Panic is replaced by peace.


Don’t Worry About Anything.

Instead Pray About Everything.

Tell God What You Need

Thank Him For All He Has Done.

You Will Experience God’s Peace

His Peace Will Guard Your Heart &  Your Mind

Phil. 4:6-7


Today’s Conversation

What is causing you to panic?

What is robbing you of peace?

 Immanuel Is Here

Talk to Him

Thank Him

Trust Him

He  Wants To Give You

His Peace

 My Prayer



My Prayer For You

This Christmas


That You Enter



It Is Well With My Soul





Some practical steps to having a  day to day relationship  with the Prince of Peace  are found in a previous post called the The Three “T” Solution. Be sure to check it out.

Virtually yours


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