31 Days- Where Are You?

31 Days WRITE -D2

Why after eating from the tree of the knowledge of good & evil did Adam & Eve hide from God? When God came looking for them  why did they say  that they felt naked & ashamed ?

By eating the fruit their eyes were opened & they were horrified by what they had done.

The real fruit, the real consequence of their disobedience stared them in the face.

Adam & Eve had caused irreparable damage to three relationships .

  • The relationship with the Lord
  • The relationship with each other
  • The relationship with themselves.

Broken Trust

It began when The Serpent asked :

  • Did God really say?
  • Did He really say you were not to eat fruit from any of the trees in the garden? (distortion)
  • Twisting truth ever so slightly
  • Implying that God was holding out on them
  • Implying that they needed to find the truth for themselves

Eve & Adam began to distrust God. They began to listen & respond to other voices.

Eve added to the story.

  • Of course we can eat from the the trees of the garden
  • It’s only the tree in the middle of the garden we must not eat from or even touch (distortion)

Distrust of each other began.  Adam blamed Eve. Eve blamed Adam.

Both felt guilt. Guilt says you did a bad thing.

Both felt shame. Shame says you are bad at the core of your being. There is no hope for you.

They tried to cover their guilt & their shame. The fig leaves didn’t solve the problem.

God Came Looking 

Where are you? What have you done?

God came to cover their nakedness . God came to deal with both the guilt & the shame.  God came to welcome them back into relationship.

Did they ever return to the intimate walk with God?

  • We don’t know.
  • We know that Adam  had 2 sons Cain & Abel.
  • We know that Adam was a farmer.
  • We know that at age 130 Adam had a son called Seth who was just like him.
  • We know that Adam & Eve had other sons & daughters.
  • We know that Adam died when he was 800 years old.

 Principle NOT Presence

God came looking for them.

He came inviting them back into face to face relationship. He came inviting them to come & talk with him.

He came asking: “Where Are You? How Are You?”

Eight-hundred years is a long time to live with the what if’s & if only’s.

It’s a long time to blame your spouse or your children or yourself.

It’s a long time to live by principles about God instead of living in the day to day  in the presence of God.

 Prayer Is Living

In The Presence

Of the One

Who Invites You

Come & Talk With Me


 Today’s Conversation

Step 1: Get alone in a quiet place for several minutes.

Step 2: Write your response to God’s question- ” Where Are You? How Are You? “

Step 3: Listen quietly for your impressions of his response.

Step 4: Make a note of what you think He is saying.


Let Him Come

For You


To You


Virtually yours




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