A First Name Basis

Photo courtesy PixabayI’m continuing to blog through Exodus with the ladies at Women Living Well. In a recent  post What’s the Point? we discovered that the message of Exodus & the whole reason for an eleven day journey taking forty years is that religion never works; relationship does.

Today I’m looking at chapters 11-15. Pharaoh has finally let the people leave. The Egyptians were generous & absorbed the moving costs. Moses & the Lord had looked at  Mapquest & decided that a detour would be helpful in case they ran into difficulties along the way. The Hebrew people were feeling pretty positive & left Egypt marching like an army.

As they left the Lord guided them by a pillar of cloud during the day & a pillar of fire by night.

We enter the story today with a few little bumps in the road; the Red Sea was on one side & Pharaoh & his troops were coming up quickly on the other.

Once again they cry out to God for help at the same time as they whine to Moses. “Why did you bring us out into this wilderness to die? Why did you make us leave Egypt? Slavery was much better then this.”

They are right back to where they started.

Fear, Fear, Fear

Religion (knowing about God) instead of Relationship (knowing God personally) wasn’t working.

It never does.

It wasn’t working for the Hebrews. It won’t work for us.

The Hebrew people

  • Had seen the ‘Ten Plagues’ absolutely destroy Egypt
  • They had experienced God’s complete protection in seven of the ten plagues
  • They left without losing a single one of their firstborn (animal or human)
  • They took the wealth of Egypt with them
  • They had manifestations of God with them day & night.

Fear Was Still Their Master

They Were Still Enslaved!


Moses Secret

Do you see yourself in the story of the Hebrews swinging wildly between faith & fear when circumstances change?

To understand how we can prevent those roller-coaster experiences let’s look again at Moses.

The secret to Moses’ ability to stay stable was that he was on a first name basis with the Lord.

We know this from Exodus 6:2 & Exodus 33:11.

The Lord told Moses-I AM the Lord. I appeared to Abraham, to Issac & to Jacob as God Almighty but I didn’t tell My Name to them. I entered into a solemn covenant (contract) with them. I swore to give them the land of Canaan where they were living. But with you, Moses I have told you my name & I talk to you face to face as a man talks to a friend.

Because of this relationship, this friendship that Moses had with the Lord he could bring comfort, courage & leadership to the people.

We also see how real the friendship between the Lord & Moses was.

We hear the Lord say: “Moses, why are you crying out to Me? Get on with it Moses. Tell the people to get moving.”

Moses got on with it & they saw the total destruction of Pharaoh & his armies.

The Hebrews were free physically but fear was still their master.


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What is friendship?

Lovers have a face to face relationship where they just focus on each other.

The same is true of good parents. Their focus is primarily on their children.


  • stand side by side
  • are linked by a common interest/love for something outside themselves.
  • there is a oneness
  • they are equally yoked
  • their thoughts, their will, their emotions are united
  • they are committed to the same goals
  • they are partners
  • often one partner will be stronger, more able than the other

When one friend is discouraged or weakened the other picks them up. The other carries the load.

In the course of a friendship you may gain or give companionship or affection but that is not the goal.

Moses & the Lord

Were Friends

We Are Friends

Of Jesus

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for their friends. You are my friends if you do what I command. I no longer call you slaves because a master doesn’t confide in his slaves. Now you are my friends since I have told you everything the Father told me. You didn’t choose me. I chose you & I appointed you to go & produce lasting fruit. The Father will give you whatever you ask for using My Name.

-John 15:13-16

God Chose Moses

Jesus Chooses You

Abide In Me!

Come and Talk With Me!

Your Turn

Step 1: What is God saying to you about your friendship?

Step 2: Ask Him what the fear traps are for you.

Step 3: If John 15:13-16 is true how will you do life differently today?

Keep tuning in for the rest of the story of why a journey of eleven days took forty years.

Virtually yours


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