A for Adoption


Over the years we have worked with several families who have adopted children.  Without exception I have been touched by their stories of sacrifice, excitement, planning & love. There have also been stories of hurt & heartache involved in adoption.

The natural always demonstrates the spiritual.

In our culture  adoption is irrevocable.

  • You can’t un-adopt a child.
  • There is no legal precedent to reverse an adoption.
  • The adopted child can walk away from the family but their status as part of the family remains.

Once the parents have made the decision to adopt

  • it is eternally binding.
  • The choice to receive that child in their family is fixed.
  • The adopted child has the same legal rights as a natural child.
  • The inheritance rights remain the same.

The Natural Demonstrates The Spiritual

Adoption in the natural provides a picture of our position with God.

Before the  earth was created, God knew you, knew me.

We were in his mind & already in his heart.

He loved us.  He chose us.

God made the  choice to receive us into His family.

His decision was made, fixed for all time and eternity.

The Father  knew the adoption process would be costly & horrendously painful.

He talked to his only child – a son & together they agreed to set the process in motion.

Adoption Process Set In Motion

The Father’s  son  was named  Immanuel.   This is an unusual name . It means ‘God With Us’ . But that is a story for another day.

The cost of our adoption  was unthinkable.  The life of the Father’s only child  was to be  given in exchange for all of us.

Immanuel was to die so that the Father could fill the house with adopted children. He longed to  fill the house with these children who he created, loved, chose & adopted.

To our human minds it might seem that he  loved the chosen children more than the natural child.

The adoption plan was decided on before time began. It was  finished. It was completed 2015 years ago on a special  Sabbath evening during Passover.

As Immanuel took his last breath he whispered the words  “It is Finished !”

Because It Is Finished

We share in the inheritance that belongs to the natural son. The Father cannot un-adopt us.

The choice is all mine.

  • I can believe I  am  chosen.
  • I can believe I was  in the Father’s  heart & mind before He made the world.
  • I can believe I have  a home
  • I can believe I have a family
  • I can believe I have  a purpose
  • I can believe I give my Father pleasure


My  Father  Loves Me 


He Wants To

Not Because

He Has To

The Choice Is Ours

For the adoptive parents the decision, the choice, the process, the sacrifice is complete. There is no going back.

It is a different story for the adoptive child.

They may believe in their head that they are adopted. They have seen the legal papers. Maybe they were old enough to be in court the day the judge declared them  part of this family forever.

But because of their  prior life circumstances  adopted children can have  lifetime struggle with trusting that they belong.

Rejection, self-doubt & shame may keep them from  fully entering into the life of the family.

It is a battle in the head & in the heart.

What About You?

What is your  struggle in believing you are  planned, loved, chosen?   What is your struggle with adoption?

Predestined For Adoption 

           Let the  Truth Sink Into Your Heart

     Let It Make A Difference

        As You Do Life Today


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