Absent Without Leave

Arise & Come

So, I have been AWOL for about six weeks.  Thanks  to all those who asked where I have been & wondered if everything is OK. The truth is I have been just MUSING!

That’s a word you don’t hear very often . It brings up images of southern belles on lawn chaises drinking Mint Juleps ! I’m sure I have you seriously concerned by now.

Musing means to meditate think about , contemplate, deliberate, ponder, reflect on, ruminate, daydream, or formally lie on the couch & cogitate.  That’s where the Mint Juleps come in.

Musing can also mean to loiter, to hang around & waste time.

Actually, I’ve been been working hard writing two books.

  • Fear or Faith : The Everyday Battle
  • Psalm 23  Stay-cation : Finding Rest In Times of Stress


Musing can be characterized by reflection or deep thought. That describes my last month as we Albertans have experienced the Fort McMurray Wildfires.  This was  the third natural disaster in our province in five years.

The wildfires brought into focus the incredible journey from Devastation to Redemption our family took through the aftermath of the Floods of 2013.

Our son & daughter-in-law’s acreage was the epicentre of the flood. They escaped with minutes to spare as the tsunami of water bore down on them .

I have written much about that journey as well during these last six weeks. Watch for snippets of their story over the next few weeks.

Over the these weeks the Father invited me into a  time of personal reflection; personal renewal & restoration.


Arise & Come With Me 

Winter Is Gone 

Flowers Are Springing Up 

The Season of Singing Has Come 

The Fig Trees Are Forming Early Fruit 

And The Vines With Tender Grapes

Arise & Come With Me

Song of Songs 2:10-13


Over the next couple of months I will be sharing my Musings – the verses, the thoughts, the images & stories  that have touched my heart & hopefully yours as we enjoy the beauty of summer & anticipate the abundance  of fall.

Could you keep me in your prayers?  Writing a book is an entirely different process from creating blog posts.  At times it feels overwhelming.

My mission is the same. I long to enable  my readers to to live with passion, purpose & peace as they walk in intimacy with the Father.  I long to reflect & communicate his heart to a broken world. I invite you to join in my writing journey with your prayers.

On a personal note- I am scheduled for cataract surgery within the next 2 months. I am struggling with my vision right now. That makes the long hours on the computer challenging.

Please pray that

  • the surgery will happen soon
  • that it will be uneventful
  • that recovery will be quick
  • that I will be at peace in the whole process

My prayer for  each one of you is that you would  Arise & Come Away With Him.

Virtually yours


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