My first reaction to the Five Minute Friday prompt for this week was quite negative. The word was Adapt’. Emotions and thoughts about giving in or giving up in situations that I can’t change filled my mind.

I almost ignored the nudge to go deeper, to look again at the word.

I found that Mr. Google (the fount of all wisdom) defines the word adapt as follows: to make suitable for a new use or purpose; modify.

The word adapt moved from being negative to being positive.

Adapting to a situation in my life this morning began with the choice to pray the Serenity Prayer.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

God, I can’t change the number on the scale this morning . It went up in spite of being faithful to the way of eating you have ordained for me. I know that the fluctuation is just the result of the Chinese Food I had last night.

I feel discouraged. I am beating myself up. My attitude is one of self-pity. choose to stop and listen to your voice, your wisdom, your affirmation and your peace.

  • Are there any adaptations in my way of eating that you want me to make today?
  • How to you want me to see myself today?

  • How do I use this seemingly minor setback to bring life to someone else today?

I choose to accept what I can’t change. I choose to modify my attitude. I choose to not let the scale measure my worth.

I choose peace and joy today.

Your Turn:

How will you use repurpose the “Unchangeables” in your life today?

Share in the comments below. I look forward to hearing your story.

Virtually yours


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2 thoughts on “Adapt

  1. Oh Linda, you may have written this about your experience but you listened to the prodding of the Holy Spirit and the rest of your post is received as if it was a message meant for me. I’m not sure that I like Mr. Google’s definition of modification. I don’t want life to change. We came into Calgary Friday night because our youngest son was flying in from Montreal. Today we helped him pack. Tomorrow we say goodbye to him, his wife and our youngest grandchild as they all head off this time to Montreal where they will start a new chapter of their lives. We came because Bill could help him get his U-Haul and help him pack it. I came because I want his memories of me to be good ones, healthy ones. I think I am accepting of what I can not change. I can’t keep my youngest son in Calgary. He and his family have to live out this new chapter of their lives. I can’t change my diagnosis and up to this weekend, I was accepting of the changes that may happen unless God grants me a miracle. I have been surrounded by His peace. I don’t know that I’m joyful about it, at least not this weekend. Monday will be another day and I will be back in my own surroundings where there is joy is all the little things that come with living on the Shuswap. The eagles, the fish jumping, the hummingbirds, the majestic mountains and maybe I’ll even be able to get some time being on the lake on my Seadoo.