Virtually Yours

It’s October and I’m thrilled to join with hundreds of other women in the Write 31 Day Challenge. We write and maybe post every day for 31days. My theme this year is called Virtually Yours. I’m sharing my thoughts about having a personal relationship with God who I can’t see and can’t hear in the […]

Let’s Talk!

It’s ‘Just  Coffee’. When we have coffee next week , what do I want to say to you? What do I want to ask you ? It’s been awhile since we have connected. There have been massive life changes for both of us. Some were very good changes where we saw God’s blessing & provision. […]

When We Feel Untouchable

I left the colony quietly in the pre-dawn hours. I pulled my robe down over my hands & face . I carefully hid the bell beneath the grey covering. I walked quickly into the city & hid in the shadows near the outer court of the temple. I knew the city would be busy on […]