B for Blameless



Even before He made the world God loved us and chose us to be holy and without fault , blameless in His eyes (Eph 1:4)

My  human, time limited mind struggled with this verse.  I approached it first with a blank stare, then confusion & maybe a little anger.

I struggled with the concept God’s love  for me:

  • It sometimes feels impersonal.
  •  Does God love me  just  because He loves everybody?
  • Does He forgive me  because forgiveness is the right thing to do?
  • God  couldn’t be God if He didn’t always do the right thing.
  •  I want to be loved because I’m lovable (at least some of the time)

I  sometimes still struggle with ‘even before He made the world’

  • If we were always in His mind
  • If He knows the before, the beginning , the middle & the rest of our stories .
  • Then why do  ‘Bad Things Happen to Good People ‘?

I can understand the phrase -‘ chose us to be holy’

  • Holy- something set apart for special use by God.
  • Holy people are ordinary people  chosen to do something.
  • We live in a very function oriented  society.
  • I am defined first & foremost by what I do.
  • So getting to do stuff for God gives me value & worth

The Biggest Struggle

But here is my  biggest struggle .

  • I am evaluated on the basis of performance.
  • I am measured by  my behavior.
  •  Law whether man made or God made  measures me, tests me , evaluates me .
  • But over & over  I fail to measure up

I fail

  • functionally
  • morally,
  • relationally,
  • I get less then perfect marks  in every area of my life

I can’t do anything even close to perfectly.  How then can we understand the meaning of blameless (without fault) in his sight?


The phrase seems to be totally without context.

We may  have heard  sermons that explain the verse  from a theological viewpoint. I don’t know about you but I know from my perspective those sermons can leave me feeling even more discouraged with myself & my failures.

I am a parent & a grandparent. Perhaps a clue as  to how God can see me as holy & without fault in his sight lies in how we try to view our family.

Are my children flawed? Have they made mistakes , missed opportunities, caused some sorrow & grief to us as parents? Of course they have.

Those are facts of what they did or didn’t do. The facts don’t define who they are or who they are becoming.

We try to  see the ‘rest of their story’. We  see their growth. We see their potential.

It was not always smooth sailing. When we  have faced hard times  we first  cried  & then together  did all we could to fix the wrongs & move into a new future.

Once forgiven & redeemed the past  situations are never brought up again.

Our children are now adults. As we look back  on their childhood & more importantly those troublesome teen & young adult years we remember only the good. We haven’t forgotten but we choose to not remember the bad. We look forward with delight & joy at what is & what is to come.

Sin- Guilt-Shame

My husband & I were talking the other night to a young man who is working  through some poor choices in his life. He is pressing into God in admirable ways.

Al told the young man that on the Cross Jesus took  not only our sin but also our guilt. He removed the regrets &  the pain from  what we have done.  I added that Jesus  also disarmed the One who puts the label ‘shameful’ over our lives.

Colossians 2:13- 15 puts it this way.

 You were dead (defeated & hopeless) because of your sins & because your sinful nature was not yet cut away. Then God made you alive in Jesus. He forgave all your sins . He cancelled the record containing the charges against you. He took it & destroyed it by nailing it to the Cross. In this way He disarmed the evil rulers & authorities. He shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the Cross.


So Don’t Let Anyone Condemn You.

Don’t Condemn Yourself

Choose This Day

Good Friday 2015

To Live


Without Fault In His Eyes

Virtually yours


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