Be Joyful – Pray Continually- Give Thanks

Be Joyful – Pray Continually – Give Thanks

Today is the National Day of Prayer in the U.S.A. About two thousand years ago, a man named Paul,wrote to a little group of believers.

Part of what he wrote was this:

Always be joyful. Pray continually and give thanks . This is what God wants for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NCV)

I’m wondering that if I received that letter how would I live it out on May 3/18 .

Maybe it would look something like this.

Be Joyful

I would look for the things that put a smile on my face. I have a running dialogue with a group of women on Facebook Messenger. We share prayers, inspirational posts but most importantly GIFs , images and sayings that make us laugh. Laughing together or crying together, we always bring joy to each other knowing we are not alone.

Pray Continually

Prayer is having a virtual conversation with someone you can’t see and can’t . Sounds very similar to my Messenger Group. The conversation might look like this:

(You) Jesus- I’ve been watching that squirrel in my back yard. He made me smile again this morning.

(Jesus) Yep- He is quite the courageous little fellow. Do you remember him sliding through all that snow on top of your fence a few weeks ago? Personally, I love the way he whips his tail in wild circles as he dances along. Sure glad I thought of that when I made squirrels.

You might continue the dialogue . Make comments, ask questions and listen for the whisper of God’s response.

Give Thanks

Keep it simple. Maybe it sounds something like this.

I really enjoyed that salad last night. Spinach is my new favourite vegetable. The snow in my yard is completely gone today. It’s been such an awful winter. Thank you that spring has come. The early morning light that fills my study fills me with joy.

Your Turn

What does Be Joyful-Pray Continually- Give Thanks look like for you today? I am looking forward to your responses.

Virtually Yours


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  1. Love all the detailed examples you give Linda of day to day examples of talking with and loving God!