One day several thousand years ago  a man called David asked God two questions. They are found in Psalm 15:1 

Who may worship in your sanctuary?

Who may enter your presence? 

The answer David thought he heard was the following . 

Those who lead blameless lives. 

Blameless is a misunderstood word. It does not mean that we haven’t done anything wrong. It does not mean we are guiltless.

If that was the case David would not qualify. He was an adulterer. He was often filled with fear. Then there was the day David hired a hit man to murder his lover’s husband. 

Just an aside here. If David’s story wasn’t in the Bible I would probably not let my grandchildren read it. But I digress. 

There was another man who is called blameless. His story is found in the book of Job. 

Job was blameless- a man of complete integrity. He feared God and kept away from evil. He  offered burnt offerings (sacrifices) for his adult children. His thoughts were: “ Perhaps my children have sinned and cursed God in their hearts so I better appease God  so he won’t harm my children by making a sacrifice”. Job was so afraid that his kids might sin and that God would kill them that he made these sacrifices regularly.

When we look at the rest of Job’s story we certainly see that he wasn’t sinless. He was driven by fear especially when it came to his family. He whined , complained , was defensive and critical of others. 

To give Job credit we have to remember that he lived in what is now Iraq long before the story of Abraham . He knew something about God but his beliefs were fear filled. His god was scary and had to be appeased. Whatever you do don’t make him mad. 


Blameless is Living Up To The Revelation  of God That You Have

Job sensed his god’s  presence and was afraid. Job believed that he had to earn God’s favour . Job believed he had to work hard to keep God happy. You sure didn’t want to make God mad. 

Job’s god was angry and distant. You kept him at bay by paying the price for your mistakes through sacrifices. You got him to do what you wanted by offering more sacrifices. 

David knew God’s power and God’s Presence. He knew him as the Lord and as his Shepherd. David’s God was present and approachable. 

David knew that the answer to his personal failures even one like adultery or murder was to come in humility , ask forgiveness and listen for a new way of doing life.

A Job Heart believes I have to earn God’s favour.  

A David Heart  believes I can come freely into God’s presence , loved and forgiven assured of his glad welcome. 

The Most Important  Question Of 2018

Do I have a Job ❤ or a David ❤?

Both Job and David lived with integrity. Their lives demonstrated what they believed about their God and what they believed about themselves. 

Conversation Starters 

  • What do you believe about God? 
  • What do you believe about yourself?
  • Can You Say : ‘I am blameless’.
  • Why or why not? 

Ask the Father to show you what needs to be changed. Listen quietly for his response. 

Live Loved In The Father’s Presence Today 

Virtually Yours 


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2 thoughts on “Blameless

  1. Oh I love that. I sometimes have wondered what the problem with Job was exactly and here you laid it out beautifully. Thank you Linda for writing once again and giving questions to ponder. I know I have David’s heart but this is still good to use to think on just where we are with the Lord.