Broken Ornaments

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Last Christmas I was  talking to a friend  She told me about two minor disasters that occurred when decorating her home for Christmas . First her husband dropped her prized ceramic ornament that spelled the word HOPE.

The second mishap happened when her son knocked the Christmas ball with the word JOY off the table before it even got to the tree.

With tears in her eyes she said: “Now my hope is broken and I’ve lost my joy”. In very real ways that describes how she had experienced  the year 2013.

There had been many  losses and disappointments for this precious family. The future was uncertain and clinging to the hope that comes from Jesus moment by moment was a daily struggle.

Now I don’t know the struggles they face  one year later. I do know that  some things are better  especially for their little boy & his challenges with school. I also understand that a longstanding desire has not been met.

I have come to admire the faith choices  this wife & mother has made. I’ve watched from a distance as she has kept connecting with others in the church community. She is  always one of the first to respond to requests on the Ladies Prayer Chain. She gives her time, her encouragement  & her prayers freely to others. She is real with her emotions without being bitter.

The previous post in this series  talks about Joseph being an Everyday Hero. In spite of times of difficulty, confusion & maybe doubt Joseph was one of the ‘still others’ talked about in Hebrews 11– the great Faith Chapter.

In my opinion my friend qualifies for  a ‘still others’ award. She is truly an Everyday Hero.

Many of you may feel that your HOPE is broken & you’ve lost your JOY.

Perhaps the past year has been difficult.

Maybe you are  one of the families still recovering from the floods of 2013.

Have you lost a loved one?  Have you lost a child? Is there a personal health crisis?

Loneliness in the midst of hundreds of people could be your reality.

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The Christmas promises of peace and joy may feel a little hollow this year.

My gift to you today  are these brief thoughts accompanied by Paul Brandt’s rendition of the song Hope.

May the words of this song be your reality this Christmas.










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