One day several thousand years ago  a man called David asked God two questions. They are found in Psalm 15:1  Who may worship in your sanctuary? Who may enter your presence?  The answer David thought he heard was the following .  Those who lead blameless lives.  Blameless is a misunderstood word. It does not […]

Five Word Prayers

Writer and podcaster Lisa Whittle advocates Five Word Prayers. These short pithy prayers are powerful . They take us out of the panic or the lethargy of our life today.  They calm our racing thoughts and still our beating hearts.  Five Little Words take our focus off our circumstances. They anchor us in the reality […]


My first reaction to the Five Minute Friday prompt for this week was quite negative. The word was Adapt’. Emotions and thoughts about giving in or giving up in situations that I can’t change filled my mind. I almost ignored the nudge to go deeper, to look again at the word. I found that Mr. […]