Legitimate Needs-Illegitimate Means

Our post Come This Way took a look at what the word repent means. We said that repentance is not the same as confession. Confession is that the acknowledgement that: what we did was wrong what we did or continue to do isn’t working my choices or actions have hurt myself & others I am […]

Two Grapes & A Triscuit

I am in a daily battle. The battle is called fear.  I have only two choices in this battle. Choice #1: I can manage fear by ignoring it denying it handling it burying it but it keeps coming back Charlie Brown of Peanuts fame said :   ‘ Life Is easier if you only dread […]

Fast Food

I made a big mistake Monday. I left the house early to do errands taking a small breakfast with me. I expected the errands to take the morning & that I would be home to eat lunch. Errands took longer as they often do. At 1 pm, I found myself aimlessly pushing a grocery cart […]

Grim News

I got some grim news this week. First thing Tuesday morning, I was scrolling through Facebook (yes, it’s a bad habit!). A friend’s post jumped out at me: Dear friends & family of Beth. Last night Beth went to be with her Lord & Savior. I stared at the screen. I couldn’t stop rereading the […]

Next Step Options

We  have been talking about how to have a relationship with God . We need a relationship with a person NOT a relationship with a book. We need to be able talk to Him We need to know He hears us We need to know that God Listens We need to know that God Speaks […]