When Mom Takes A Sick Day

Tabitha lay on the mat in the corner of the room she shared with her grandchildren. Her daughter Leah had taken the boys & gone to visit her sister Sarah in a nearby town. Simon Peter & Andrew were out at the synagogue that Wednesday morning. They were meeting with the new teacher. The plan was […]

Work Finished – Renovations Complete

Last words are important. Jesus last words were : It Is Finished ! What was finished? What did Jesus mean? Most of us would say that He was referring to his death on the Cross would give us forgiveness of sin & life everlasting. That is certainly true. It is the message of Easter. I […]

When Friends Become Foes

Crowds had followed Jesus just a few short days ago. They laid their coats on the ground & sang his praises saying: Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord. They now turned on him screaming  : Crucify Him! All his disciples deserted him & ran away. Even Peter denied Jesus  saying : […]

Good News- The Time Has Arrived

I love reading mystery novels. I love the twists, the turns & the unknown ending. The whole point of a good mystery is that you know the ending will turn out well. There will be lots of questions, confusions & troubles.   But in the end things will turn out right; turn out with the hero […]