Immediate Attention Needed

We are two weeks into our face paced, action oriented road trip through the book of Mark. You will recall that the book was written to people who had the courage to ask : What Difference Does Connecting With Jesus Make in My Everyday Life?  It was written for people just like us. People who had never seen […]

Work Finished – Renovations Complete

Last words are important. Jesus last words were : It Is Finished ! What was finished? What did Jesus mean? Most of us would say that He was referring to his death on the Cross would give us forgiveness of sin & life everlasting. That is certainly true. It is the message of Easter. I […]

Two Grapes & A Triscuit

I am in a daily battle. The battle is called fear.  I have only two choices in this battle. Choice #1: I can manage fear by ignoring it denying it handling it burying it but it keeps coming back Charlie Brown of Peanuts fame said :   ‘ Life Is easier if you only dread […]

Homemade Please!

My youngest son turned forty last Friday. I’m still wondering how we got there seeing that I am only forty-nine with a few years tacked on. We celebrated not with vast numbers of guests or a fancy meal. We celebrated at our house with just the family & a crockpot full of beef stew & […]