Worried or Concerned

The number one topic that gets views & responses on my blog over the last three years is the topic of  worry. Jesus identifies three things that stop people from entering into real relationship with Him in the 9-5 of life. We are  stopped by worries, pleasures & riches.  Number one on the list is […]

Freak Out Friday

Last weekend was  long weekend for many Canadians. I don’t know about you, but I needed the extra day off.  I was  recovering from a Freak Out Friday. Here’s The Story Friday started out fairly normal. I left the house early for a dentist appointment. After that, I planned to stop by the local computer store […]

Just Talk To Me!

Heather & I are in contact everyday. Messages & emails pass between Winnipeg & Calgary with great frequency. Sometimes just seeing things in black & white text on our screen doesn’t do the job. We have to hear each other’s voices to really understand  what is being communicated by the text. With computers open we […]

Three Words

  A movement began in 2009. The ONE Word movement . It encouraged you to forget New Year’s Resolutions.  Encouraged you to scrap that long list of goals . You won’t remember them three weeks from now anyway.   Instead : Choose Just One Word  One Word To Focus on Each Day All year long…..  […]