Be Joyful – Pray Continually- Give Thanks

Be Joyful – Pray Continually – Give Thanks Today is the National Day of Prayer in the U.S.A. About two thousand years ago, a man named Paul,wrote to a little group of believers. Part of what he wrote was this: Always be joyful. Pray continually and give thanks . This is what God wants for […]

I Don’t Know What To Pray!

We’re going to take a bit of a detour today. Many times we find ourselves in  seemingly impossible situations.  We don’t understand. We don’t know anyway forward.  We can’t change the situation.   We really can’t see how or if God can change the situation. We feel stuck.  We don’t know how to pray. Several years […]

Like or Share – It’s Called Prayer

The ladies of the white church on the traffic circle in McKenzie Towne have found a secret. They have found the secret to living connected. Connected to themselves others God They have found  the secret of how to connect with those they can’t see & can’t hear. They have discovered the secret to having: Real […]

Just Talk To Me!

Heather & I are in contact everyday. Messages & emails pass between Winnipeg & Calgary with great frequency. Sometimes just seeing things in black & white text on our screen doesn’t do the job. We have to hear each other’s voices to really understand  what is being communicated by the text. With computers open we […]

31 Days – The Interview

What if God interviewed you for a  new life assignment? What if instead of Him  just giving us our life assignments, we had to go through an  interview process before being offered the job? This is what it might look like.  Joseph Arrives For A  Job Interview With God Joseph opens  the massive  office door. […]