31 Days – Panic or Peace

A baby was born last Wednesday in a vehicle at the side of the highway  on a snowy Saskatchewan morning. Mom & Dad thought they had plenty of time to travel from their home in Weyburn to the hospital in Regina. Baby Boy Sandhu had a different opinion. Dad being an engineer was inventive & […]

31 Days-Discouraged

    Apart from the Ten  Commandments & the Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23 is the most familiar portion of Scripture. It is commonly read or sung at funerals. Why? Psalm 23 is the ultimate psalm of presence. Psalm 23 brings comfort in the most devastating seasons of life. Psalm 23  puts the Personal Back In […]

31 Days-Choices

Behind every choice, every habit, every new direction there needs to be a what, a why &  a who. We need to understand what attracted our attention why we were  compelled to make a choice; who empowers us to face the daily discipline of new habits They provide the motivation to begin or to stop. […]