Just Talk To Me!

Heather & I are in contact everyday. Messages & emails pass between Winnipeg & Calgary with great frequency. Sometimes just seeing things in black & white text on our screen doesn’t do the job. We have to hear each other’s voices to really understand  what is being communicated by the text. With computers open we […]

31 Days – The Interview

What if God interviewed you for a  new life assignment? What if instead of Him  just giving us our life assignments, we had to go through an  interview process before being offered the job? This is what it might look like.  Joseph Arrives For A  Job Interview With God Joseph opens  the massive  office door. […]

31 Days – Panic or Peace

A baby was born last Wednesday in a vehicle at the side of the highway  on a snowy Saskatchewan morning. Mom & Dad thought they had plenty of time to travel from their home in Weyburn to the hospital in Regina. Baby Boy Sandhu had a different opinion. Dad being an engineer was inventive & […]