Legitimate Needs-Illegitimate Means

Our post Come This Way took a look at what the word repent means. We said that repentance is not the same as confession. Confession is that the acknowledgement that: what we did was wrong what we did or continue to do isn’t working my choices or actions have hurt myself & others I am […]

Come This Way!

As we begin our roadtrip  one phrase from Mark 1:15 stands out. Repent & Believe the Good News  The questions become: what does repent mean ? what is belief ? what is the good news? The New Century Version puts it this way: Change Your Hearts & Lives & Believe the Good News The problem is […]

Like or Share – It’s Called Prayer

The ladies of the white church on the traffic circle in McKenzie Towne have found a secret. They have found the secret to living connected. Connected to themselves others God They have found  the secret of how to connect with those they can’t see & can’t hear. They have discovered the secret to having: Real […]

Two Grapes & A Triscuit

I am in a daily battle. The battle is called fear.  I have only two choices in this battle. Choice #1: I can manage fear by ignoring it denying it handling it burying it but it keeps coming back Charlie Brown of Peanuts fame said :   ‘ Life Is easier if you only dread […]

Homemade Please!

My youngest son turned forty last Friday. I’m still wondering how we got there seeing that I am only forty-nine with a few years tacked on. We celebrated not with vast numbers of guests or a fancy meal. We celebrated at our house with just the family & a crockpot full of beef stew & […]