I Don’t Know What To Pray!

We’re going to take a bit of a detour today. Many times we find ourselves in  seemingly impossible situations.  We don’t understand. We don’t know anyway forward.  We can’t change the situation.   We really can’t see how or if God can change the situation. We feel stuck.  We don’t know how to pray. Several years […]

The Lost Week

  I met Lois almost 50 years ago. Lois could be the poster girl for the tag line of my website. Lois  lives with passion, purpose & peace. Given the enthusiasm & energy with which she embraces Christmas her post on Facebook last week caught my attention. Lois said : I’m In That Space Between […]

31 Days- A Dire Prophecy

  Debbie grew up under a cloud of dire prophecy. Debbie  remembers hearing her third-grade teacher tell her mother,”Debbie is a sweet little girl but she’ll never do well in school.” When she finally got up the nerve to share her dream of writing, another teacher told her, ” You can’t write, Debbie.  You can’t […]