Come Inside Papa, Let’s Talk

Come Inside

We are Nana & Papa to two grandsons & two grand-daughters. Kaeden, the little guy in the picture has just turned three. He loves interaction & gives us directions – Watch me, play with me, enter into my world. It is always our delight to do so.

The same is true for twelve year old Aidan. Papa & Aidan are best buddies. He appears at our house regularly- checking out the supper menu & having free access to the stash of snacks in the pantry. After long walks their Meeting Place is Tim Horton’s  for an Ice Cap or Hot Chocolate– donuts optional. I guess you have to be Canadian to understand the significance.

Aidan is a talker & would rule the world given the opportunity. His parents don’t always appreciate his sometimes directive opinions but Aidan can always count on his Papa to listen.

I could tell you lots of other delightful anecdotes about my grandchildren but I would probably use up my doting grandmother allowance. Please indulge me with just one more.

Our grand-daughter Ella knows that I am a writer. She asks: ‘ Are we in your book? Do you talk about us on your blog?’. The sparkle in her eye when she asks tells me that this would be a good thing not an embarrassment for her.

All our grandchildren feel free to be themselves around us. They all have confidence that they belong, that they are loved.  Are they perfect ? Perfect students, perfect  manners, never noisy? Of course not ! They just know that they are loved.

The Papa Parable

A parable is a story with a point. Come Inside Papa, Let’s Talk  will become our parable as we learn to have Conversations with Jesus.

In the last few posts with have been talking about Moses & his relationship with God.

We’ve talked about the dynamic dialogues , the two-way conversations .

We talked about the tent out in the desert where anyone who wanted to could come & meet with God.

We also noted that only a  few took advantage of the opportunity.

There were probably a myriad of reasons that most of the  Hebrews just stood at the doors of their tents & waited for Moses to come back & tell them what God said.

Few had a personal, intimate  relationship with God.

You & I are much the same.

We’ve been  invited to come & talk with God; invited to have conversations with Jesus .

Our core verse is Psalm 27:8.

My Heart Has Heard You Say
Come And Talk With Me
And My Heart Responds
Lord I Am Coming

The problem is that we have never been taught how to do that.

We need a model for how to have a relationship. We need a model for how to have Conversations with Jesus.

Over the next few weeks using the above  image of Kaeden plus  many Scriptural examples we will take a journey to a fresh, real relationship with God.

Is This Really OK?

As we begin this journey you may feel a little uncertain, a little suspicious.

Maybe you don’t feel ‘good enough ‘ for God to interact with?

Maybe you wonder if having a  two way conversation with God is actually biblical.

Are you being sold a bill of goods? Are you being deceived ?

Maybe you have heard that a famous pastor/teacher has said that God has said everything He was going to say in the Bible & that He  doesn’t speak to people anymore.

If that’s true you & I are in big trouble.

All Scripture is God breathed. God told men what to write.

From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is a written record of what God said.

It is a written record of his relationship with man.

We need to be very clear here. Our journals are not new Scripture.

Our journals are a tool the Holy Spirit uses to get our attention. They are a tool to  bring love, comfort, peace & transformation into our lives.

The Bible is full of journals. Psalms, Habakkuk, Jeremiah, Isaiah & Revelation are all examples.

Journalling can be the place where we meet with God. We write  out our prayers & then record His answers. Twenty of the Psalms are back and forth dialogues between the psalmist & God. The same is true of the book of  Habakkuk .

Maybe you are asking questions such as :
• I know I’m supposed to talk to God but does He really talk back?
• How do I know it is Him?
• Do I have to journal? I failed English class.
• I’m so busy. How do I fit this in to my life?
• How do I get started? What do I actually do?

We’ll be answering these & other questions over the next few weeks.   My prayer is that you will enter into the adventure with courage & anticipation.

The Meeting Place

FMF JustWriteIn those last days before his death Jesus spent much time encouraging His disciples.   He gave wonderful promises.

He promised that he would not abandon them as orphans. He would come to them.

He promised that he & the Father would come and make their home with each of them.

Much of what he said made no sense to them until after the Resurrection , until after he breathed on them & said ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’.

My suspicion is that during those days before Jesus left  permanently much time was spent talking about how they would relate,  could relate to him, could  connect with him when they could no longer see him.

This ‘Now you see me; Now you don’t kind’  of relationship can be very frustrating. It’s like playing Hide ‘n Seek with someone who seldom let’s you win!

The Good News Is

Because Of The Cross
God Has Moved In
His Spirit Indwells My Spirit.
He Is Already Within Me

The writer of Hebrews puts it this way:

So, friends, we can now—without hesitation—walk right up to God, into “the Holy Place.” Jesus has cleared the way by the blood of his sacrifice, acting as our priest before God. The “curtain” into God’s presence has been torn.  So let’s do it—full of belief, confident that we’re presentable inside and out. Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word.

We spend so much of our lives trying to be ‘good enough’ to please God.

We still try to clean ourselves up, try to make ourselves presentable.

What we need to do is be like Kaeden .

We need to be so secure  that we say Come Inside Papa, Let’s Talk.

Papa , come into all the curtained off parts of my life.

Conversation Starter

Jesus Is Saying

I Am Already Living Within You

I’m At The Door Knocking

When You Hear My Voice & Open The Door

I Will Come In & We Will Have Dinner

As Friends!

Step 1: Find a place where you can develop the habit of meeting with Jesus. Mine is my beautiful office where right now I’m watching the sunrise.

Step 2: Grab a notebook or pad of paper. List the questions or concerns you have as you begin the Papa Parable journey.

Step 3: Get still & quiet as you listen for his response. His voice will sound a lot like your voice. It will be the impressions,  Spontaneous thoughts  & feelings that come to mind. Write them down.

Step 4: Share your experience with one other person who you trust. Be brave! Leave a comment below or email me at

Virtually yours


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  1. Hi Linda this is just what we all need, this is where the rubber meets the road kind of communication with the Lord, real with no holding back.