Come This Way!

Come This Way

As we begin our roadtrip  one phrase from Mark 1:15 stands out.

Repent & Believe the Good News 

The questions become:

  • what does repent mean ?
  • what is belief ?
  • what is the good news?

The New Century Version puts it this way:

Change Your Hearts & Lives & Believe the Good News

The problem is that we define the word repent incorrectly.  We think that repentance means the same thing as confession.

Confession is saying to myself, another person & to God- I got it wrong.

I am sorry, I was wrong. Please forgive me. I love you. 

Repentance means to be going in one direction & to then make a radical turn .

Repentance is a Radical Change of Habit, Lifestyle or Attitude

Albert Einstein is attributed to have said : “Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting a different result”.

We are well into March. Can you even remember the New Year’s Resolutions you made ten weeks ago? Were they the same ones that were on your list in 2015 & 2014 etc. etc?

Our resolve & our willpower don’t produce lasting change. We need the Good News. We need a change of direction.

Mark 1:15 invites us to embrace a new way of living empowered by the active presence of Jesus in our daily lives.  It’s very practical.

As we road trip through Mark we will see stories of real people with real problems. We will discover real answers.


 Financial loss. Broken Relationships. Family divisions.

Sexual struggles. Rejection. Death & disease.

The Storms of Life. 

People who were at the end of their rope 

People at the end of their resources. 

They wanted to be free of the insanity

 Tired of doing the same thing over & over. 

Tired of getting the same results. 

In our next post, we will look at the reason behind our bad choices & faulty plans . Look for the title Legitimate Needs- Illegitimate Means in your inbox.

For today, think about these three questions:

  • What am I doing that isn’t working?
  • What do I really believe about Jesus’ active presence in the 9-5 of my life?
  • What is the Good News I need to hear from Jesus today?

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Virtually yours


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