Conversations are easy when we have a relationship. My best friend has an expression that I love. She often says :   “Let’s get together for a chitchat.” We spend a couple of hours together every couple of weeks  and just talk. We talk about everything and nothing. There is lots of laughter and sometimes tears.

We’ve walked together through valleys and mountain tops. 

Last year, we took a couple of days at a retreat centre near our home. We rambled through Cochrane on our way to Kingsfold. The hours were spent driving up and down the streets commenting about houses and gardens. We had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant (bad choice) and bought snacks at the Dollar Store (good choice). 

Later she lay on one bed snacks in hand while I read comments from a little book I had found on the desk in my room. That little book became the highlight of the two days for both of us. 

That little book impacted the way we have conversations with God in lasting and powerful ways. Finding that little book was an “Aha- moment”. It was a moment when suddenly we saw something in an entirely new way.  It was a moment when we both said: “I get it. Now, I understand.”

“Aha moments “ come in the midst of a relationship where conversations are easy because we have a history. 

God invites us to a relationship where conversations are easy . He invites us to have a relationship where we can talk about everything and nothing. 

We could even have a conversation with God  in a Dollar Store. I would however suggest that you do so under your breath or just in your head. 

God wants us to be comfortable with him. He just wants to chitchat.  That is why He invites not commands us to come and talk with him. 

My Heart Has Heard You Say , Come and Talk With Me

Psalm 27:8

Your Turn 

Take time today to just “chitchat” with God.  

You could begin by asking him what he wants to chat about but a better idea might be to start whining about the weather. 

I woke up to the second snowfall of the season and am not impressed. God already knows that but is open to listening to my complaints anyways. 

If I can chitchat with my best friend, I can certainly chitchat with Jesus. 

He Calls Me and He Calls You His Friends 

John 15:15

Look for the “Aha Moment” 

Virtually Yours 


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2 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. I love the idea of chitchat because that’s what I do anyway!
    There is no reason not to be honest, God knows your heart anyway!