David wrote Psalm 23 from the perspective of a sheep. As a shepherd he gave constant care, compassion & comfort to his sheep.  David was able to relate to the Lord with trust & confidence as the ultimate shepherd. He then could move toward his destiny as the Shepherd-King of Israel.

Psalm 42 paints another picture.  David  was in exile because of the cruelty of King Saul.  Saul was seeking to kill him . Jonathan, his best friend was dead.  David & his rag-tag band of warriors were hiding in caves. David was suffering from deep discouragement. God seemed far away.

Was it a pleasant August morning when David penned Psalm 42 ?

From the doorway of the cave where he was hidden did he pour out his raw emotions & his unanswered questions?

Perhaps it sounded like this .

A white tailed deer is over there drinking from the creek. It is taking big gulps of that cool clear water.

I remember when your Words & your Presence were like cool water.

Will I ever experience your Presence again?

I’m so thirsty. I’ve been on a diet of salty tears. Tears for breakfast, tears for supper for weeks now.

I am pestered by my soldiers & by my own thoughts day & night asking  ‘Where is your God now?’

I go over & over all that has happened . I examine every detail of the last few years, emptying the pockets of my life.

My heart is breaking. I remember that in past years I was always the one leading the people in worship.

I was always presenting such a positive picture of you, Lord.

I was  always encouraging people to trust you; encouraging them to count on your goodness & unfailing love.

I was so strong in faith, so full of enthusiasm.

I desperately want to be that person again. I am so thirsty for you Lord.

I am so tired of being down in the dumps. I’m so tired of letting these negative thoughts rule my life. I’m so exhausted from being  held captive by fear, grief & depression.

It ends today, Lord.


Today I Choose

Today, I choose to come again to You.

I choose to rehearse everything I know to be true about you. I  go back to my journal where I wrote about you from a sheep’s perspective.

I choose for just today to fix my eyes on You.

I choose to smile knowing that even though I am in a dark place You are with me.

I choose to let You handle the fear or depression or lack or ……….. that  are ruling my life.

I choose to believe that You are with me.  I choose to hear your whispers saying ‘I am with you’.


Seven Minutes With The Shepherd

Step #1 Ask God which 1 or 2 verses from either Psalm 23 or Psalm 42 to reflect on.

Step #2 Write a paraphrase of those few verses that reflect your experience/circumstances today.

Step #3 Ask God what he says about what you have written.

Step #4 Listen for his response. Write your impressions in your notebook.

Step #5 How will you do life differently today because of this time in his presence?

Virtually yours


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One thought on “Discouraged

  1. Really love this, Linda. Psalm 13 is somewhat similar, following much the same pattern. It’s one I use in my counseling office. I think I’m going to add Psalm 42 to my list 🙂