Expectation or Expectancy


Song of Solomon 2:10-13

Get up and come away with me. Look, winter is over. The snows are over and gone. Blossoms are seen in the land and the song of the birds is heard early in the morning.  The time for singing and the time for pruning has come. The apple trees have blossomed and give off their fragrance . Get up my loved one and come away with me.  

A Challenging Question

I heard a sermon recently that re-arranged my thinking and hopefully how I will do life.

The pastor began with a  question.

Do you live your life based on expectation or expectancy?


Expectation makes suppositions, assumptions, conjectures, surmises and predictions about products, people, situations or outcomes.

They are formed from past experiences and from our responses to current situations.

Here is an example.

You’re hungry so you stop at a convenience store and buy a hot dog (frankfurter on a bun).

You have low expectations of  the dining experience.

It fills the hole in your stomach but little more.



Expectancy is the state of thinking and believing that something especially something pleasant will happen. With expectancy there is an air of anticipation, expectation, eagerness and excitement. There is a mixture of joy and some apprehension or caution.

A hot dog eaten at the Calgary Stampede or over an open campfire and especially at Costco is an entirely different experience.

The smells, the sounds, the crowds and the choice of condiments make it an experience of community.

Expectancy always involves relationship and belonging.



 Expectation-God, Feed me.

Our relationship with God can be one of expectation.

We may come to Him in our daily prayer time or weekly church services with an attitude that asks: What am I going to get from this?

Expectancy- God, I want more of You.

If we come with expectancy we come wanting more of God.

We come wanting relationship.

More importantly He invites us to relationship.

He wants us to get up and come with Him to see what He sees; to enjoy what He enjoys; to participate in what He is doing in the world.

There will be challenges and changes as we move through life with Him.

There will be pruning, a letting go of what doesn’t work, doesn’t fit our current season of life.

There will also be incredible joy and singing.


Father, examine my heart and show me the areas where I live in wrongful expectation.  Grant me the courage to live in expectancy especially in seasons of change. My heart has heard You say: Arise and come with me. Lord Jesus, I choose to walk in expectancy with You today.


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2 thoughts on “Expectation or Expectancy

  1. Love the difference between the two words. To me expectation also has entitlement. With expectancy it is more about who He is, and less about what I think He should do for me.

  2. I’m glad to see that you are sharing this insight with your readers. This insight continues to transform the way I do life.