Facetime/An Invitation

Facetime 3

You Are Invited

To Attend

Facetime – 2014

Dear …………

I’m so excited about all the new technology. It thrills me that folks  have figured out that with ” 1 Click” you can speak to your best friend half-way around the world. I got quite a kick out of  your granddaughter  running around the house iPod in hand looking for her sister’s new glasses. The Facetime images  from under her bed were hilarious. I laughed & laughed & got great joy watching you laugh as well.

It’s great that I can connect with so many of you at once . Thanks Steve Jobs and the Apple Team!

Everything has changed so much in the last few years & in my opinion mostly for the better. It’s made the world  a richer & less lonely place.

Did you know that I’ve had similar technology for thousands of years? In fact right from the moment I first created men & women I gave them instant access to Me.

They just had to take one simple action step & they found themselves in my Presence. Occasionally some of them could actually see me but usually they just felt that I was near & all who wanted to could  hear Me & talk to Me.

Sometimes  I would initiate the conversation but mostly I just gave a quiet invitation or in your ‘lingo‘ I sent a ‘text’.

I’m nearby! Come & Talk!

The invitation still stands.

It doesn’t  matter what your life is like.  It can  be messy or marvelous or a mixture of both.

You need to know that everything that made our relationship awkward or embarrassing  has been dealt with.

One Friday about 2000 years ago your older brother came & in about twenty-four hours cleaned up the mess.

In fact in forty days from tomorrow March 5th,  we’re planning  an Anniversary Party to celebrate all that He did.

There is nothing more for you to do except come & talk with Me.

Not long distance ! Come Home and we’ll meet Face to Face.

It’s time. Don’t worry about dressing up or bringing stuff .

Just come!

My Heart Has Heard You Say

Come and Talk With Me

My Heart Responds

Lord I Am Coming

Psalm 27:8 (NLT)


That whisper you are hearing; that stirring in your heart

To say aloud  – “Dad, I’m Coming Home”

Is My Invitation to You !


Facetime 2014 Is About To Begin!

Come Home !

Love Dad





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2 thoughts on “Facetime/An Invitation

  1. Excited to hear what God is going to say through your writing over the next 40 days! Thanks for the reminder that He is always there.