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Behind every choice , every habit, every new direction there needs to be The Why.

The Why provides the motivation to begin or to stop.

It provides the energy & faith to turn in a new direction.

We are well into March & if we took a survey  I believe that most of the resolve we had to do things differently in 2014 has dissipated. Our lives look no different.

The reason for the failure was that the choice to do or not do something  was not preceded by a firm understanding of The Why.

New choices  that we make need to stabilize,  become habits &  defining lifestyles.

New choices  are best understood in the context of the  concept of repentance.

Repentance means ‘to turn’ .

Repentance means to be going in one direction and  then  make a radical turn .  Repentance is a radical  change of habit, lifestyle or attitude.   We determine to move in an entirely new direction. We turn with a resolve and  an urgency to not go back.

If we go far enough down the new path the way back closes behind us. There is a point of no return. This can be seen negatively unless The Why of our choice is clear.

The choice must be  inspired by deep conviction. The choice must be inspired by a conviction and an empowerment that comes from God alone.

The Repentance  of the Choice

Leads to Liberty.



A Writer’s Choice

I have called myself a writer for many years. I wrote stories as a little girl. I have talked about writing, read about writing, named three different blogs.  I set them up on Blogger & WordPress. I have boxes of pens and notebooks . My ‘techy’ tools were all linked & ready to go. But I never wrote!

On January 1, 2014 I repented. I turned in a new direction. I found a challenge called My 500 Words. There is just one requirement; write a minimum of 500 words every single day. They don’t have to be brilliant, or purposeful or good words. They just have to be 500 words.

I can’t even remember how I found the challenge or any deep thought or motivation that lead me to sign up. My old pattern was to sign up for things; get really excited, watch others grow & change but not  really participate. It is much safer to stay in the observer frame of mind.

Shame, brokenness & isolation always kept me from moving forward; kept me from entering into life and into relationship.

This time was different. I’ve written on sixty-four of sixty-six days. I’ve written in excess of 43,000 words.

I Am Being Uncaged.

I Am Moving From Design to Destiny.

What is made the difference this time ?

  •  I heard a whisper
  •  I showed up
  •  I listened
  •  I heard
  •  I keep showing up
  •  I keep listening
  •  I keep hearing


Dialogue With Dad

My heart heard you say come & talk with me.

And my heart responded

I came

I choose to keep coming!



You knew about January & the life changing week with my friend.  You knew about February & the rescuers. Dad, you exposed the lies & silenced the Accuser’ . You knew about the pain & the provision of those desperate days.

You knew that My 500 Words would be the container not just for my present  but for my future.




My Beloved, My Beautiful One

Winter is over

Spring has come


Come with Me!




The daily writing is our Meeting Place.

It is the place where I speak and direct your spirit.

Writing is the place of joining My Spirit with yours.

Choose to come, to listen, to arise.

Come with Me.

It’s time.

You’ve faced the biggest battles.

With great courage you faced the monsters.

You challenged the python.

You  stepped  into freedom.


It is I that draws you daily. I wake you up & put the pen in your hand. I inspire the direction & the content. I bring the Word & the words that spark the direction you are to go.

I have a plan for your writing.

I will reveal the direction you are to go. I will give you The Why moment by moment & day by day. But that is not the reason for the Meeting Place. The reason is that I just want you.



Repentance is Based on Invitation.

An Invitation to Come

An  Invitation  To Turn ! 


Facetime 2014 Group

I have formed a group on Facebook  to give a place for you  to share your journey with God.  It is a place for sharing your insights, questions & the practicalities of  the daily journey.  Just do a search for Facetime 2014 under groups. Hit join  & I’ll see you there. Tell your friends & let’s see the impact it will have in the Kingdom of God.

I look forward to your responses in the comment section of this blog and/or on Facebook.











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