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 Follow the Leader 

It was Moses’ practice to take the Tent of Meeting and set it up some distance from the camp. Everyone who wanted to make a request of the Lord would go to the Tent of Meeting outside the camp. Whenever Moses went out to the Tent of Meeting, all the people would get up and stand in the entrances of their own tents. They would all watch Moses until he disappeared inside. As he went into the tent, the pillar of cloud would come down and hover at its entrance while the Lord spoke with Moses. When the people saw the cloud standing at the entrance of the tent, they would stand and bow down in front of their own tents. Inside the Tent of Meeting, the Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend. Afterward Moses would return to the camp, but the young man who assisted him, Joshua son of Nun, would remain behind in the Tent of Meeting.(Ex 33:7-11 )


It is such a formal word.

It smacks of expertise, solemnity & an unequal relationship. You see it in the same  light as a relationship with  an expert in their field; old & wise  but in some elusive way responsible for your future. Responsible for you in a not quite on your side kind of way. A mentor is one who ultimately gives report !

There is an uneasiness for the mentored. There can be the  sense of being measured and found short of the mark.

I would much rather see mentoring in the light of a friendship. I envision  a friendship  between an older person and a younger. The younger is drawn to the older because he sees something worth watching; sees something he longs to repeat in his own life.   It is a friendship between a person who has been on a long  journey & one just beginning .

Mentorship is friendship based on mutual  respect, honesty, trust &  long term commitment. Friends stand side by side. They look together  toward something bigger & more wondrous than themselves. Affection, fondness, loyalty, transparency comes as a bonus to the relationship.

 Joshua’s Mentor

Joshua was mentored by Moses for forty years. He watched & imitated Moses. He watched Moses give leadership to the people. He watched as Moses faced disappointment, criticism &  the rebellion of the people. He was there with Moses in times of victory & times of defeat.

Most importantly Joshua watched Moses’ relationship with God. I believe that Joshua longed for the Lord to speak to him as He spoke to Moses; face to face as a man speaks to his friends.

Joshua watched the where, the what & the how of the relationship. He watched as Moses argued with God. He listened & heard God speak.  Joshua probably asked Moses lots of questions about the dynamics of his relationship with God.

Are you trying to figure out your relationship with God; the where, the how, the what to do or what to say? How does God speak? How do you know it is Him? Like Joshua we would do well to watch Moses life.



God Chose Moses

What an unlikely candidate! Fearful, murderer &  least likely to succeed in the elocution class. Moses was privileged and poverty stricken at the same time. He spent forty years in a palace then forty years in the wilderness.  Moses was on the backside of the desert tending his father- in -laws sheep. They were not even his sheep. He went from  the palace to the sheep pen.

It became the place of encounter.  It became the place of destiny.

Moses Turned Aside

Moses deliberately departed from his planned course of action to look. He pulled off the road & looked at a bush that burned. A bush that burned but wasn’t consumed!Was it night? Was it mid-afternoon? Overcast? Bright sunshine? Optical illusion? Heat stroke? We don’t know.

Moses turned aside from his own agenda to respond to the One who called him.

God Spoke to Moses Face to Face

Moses responded & kept responding . God engaged with Moses & kept engaging. God gave Moses a task.

 Lead My People Out of Egypt Into the Wilderness So They Can Worship Me!

Moses task was to mentor the people in experiencing God for themselves. Few responded!

Joshua did respond. He watched Moses. He stayed in the tent. He learned to hear God for himself!

Joshua Led the People Into the Promised Land!


  • Who models authentic relationship for you?
  • Be bold. Ask them to mentor you.
  • Do what they do .
  • Pass it on
  • Share your journey with someone else today.

Jesus Said !

I No Longer Call You Servant

I Call You Friend

Like Moses

You Are God’s Friend!

How Will That Make A Difference Today?

You Are The Friend Of God


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