Facing A New Normal

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As we begin 2015 daily life can look very different then it did in January  2014. We  can  face the challenge of living with a New Normal. Circumstances outside our  control has changed life as we knew it.

Just yesterday I heard about a father with two teenage children. His wife recently passed away from complications of a routine surgery  several months ago.  Life was anything but normal for several months. They are now faced with different adjustments as they move through the heartbreak  of  permanent loss.

Others are struggling with broken families, divorce or maybe job loss in the New Year.

There are days when belief in God’s provision or even guidance seems a bit remote.

Even positive change can cause us to feel unsettled & somewhat anxious. Job changes, retirement or  becoming an ’empty nester’ can all be good changes but they do require living with a new normal.

In August we moved to a new house after 35 years in our old home.

It was a good choice. It has been a blessing in untold ways.

However  on many days  & especially at Christmas it doesn’t feel like home.   I’m still trying to figure out what normal looks like?

For many if not most of us what was not even on the radar  in January 2014 has required a  new normal.

Mary’s New Normal

Mary & Joseph lived through  several rounds of  new normal.

Mary was pregnant. Joseph wasn’t the father.

They  left Nazareth & traveled to Bethlehem to comply with a census.

They had a new born baby shortly after they arrived.

They couldn’t return to Nazareth.

They had no house, no job & few if any supportive relationships.

They re-established their lives &  lived in Bethlehem for about 2 years.

They  were exiled to Egypt.

Then it was back to Nazareth.

Beyond Christmas Eve

We  can read the  Christmas story. We can  stop after the part where the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God.

We can leave the Christmas story at church on Christmas Eve.

If we stop at the manger we are  going to feel let down. We want more. We need more.

What will sustain us as we face our new normal in 2015?

How do we live beyond Christmas Eve ?

We take our cues from Mary & Joseph.

Mary Treasured 

All These Things

Pondering Them

In Her Heart

Joseph was  the Everyday Hero  at her side.

Mary knew God as the Wonderful Counsellor who spoke to her & listened to her.

Mary knew him as  Mighty God who was with her.

Mary knew that Worship Defeats Worry

  • She remembered what God had done
  • She thanked Him for  what He  had done
  • She  praised Him for who He is  & who He  would be.
  • She surrendered to his design for her day by day in the new normal.


 Christmas Doesn’t End At A Manger

Christmas Continues Today

It Rushes Forth Passionately

When We Sing Songs Of Praise



Today’s music video is Mary, Did You Know? Enjoy !





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