Fall Bucket List

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A few weeks ago I was searching the internet to see what others writers were saying about Fall. I came across one site that had an Autumn Bucket List. It was a list of fun things to do like walk through the leaves, go to a corn maize etc.

My list included wearing  my capris and flipflops  at least twice more and finding  a copycat recipie for Tim Horton’s Pumpkin Spice Muffin.  I’ve lost hope for the first one  but did find that recipe and I’m willing to share. You have to be Canadian to understand the magnitude of these bucket list items.

I invite you to think about your list not in terms of what you decide to put in the bucket but in terms of what Fall 2013 is offering. Let me explain.

Fall Bucket List

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Fall and particularly October is my favorite time of the year. Summer can be brief in Calgary .  From the first green leaf in May until the school bell rings in September we go out to play and avoid work as much as possible. September hits with more panic than excitement as we bring order back to the our  lives . The return to busy schedules, meal planning, shopping and new beginnings can be daunting.

 October arrives and we take a deep breath. October brings  focus.October  brings  structure to our days ; warmth and coziness to the home . We take out the sweaters and fleece throws; cuddle a little closer and feel compelled to nest.  The crock-pot is on the counter again and the scents of homemade soup fill the air.

October is a seducer and a heart breaker. October seduces us with cool nights, warm days, brilliant light and incredible beauty.   October invites us to times of reflection and new beginnings.

Last week we feasted on beauty around every bend as we traveled through the Rocky Mountains to the Okanogan region of British Columbia. We were refreshed at every level of our being. That’s the seduction ! This morning we woke up to snow. That’s the heartbreak! Fall  is over and the long trek through the ‘brown season’ begins.

The good news is that we still have a few days or weeks to capture all that Fall  2013 has to offer.  We can still  experience  this season in a unique way? We can find the  meaning that Fall 2013 offers .

Canadians celebrate  Thanksgiving  on the second Monday of October. In our family , it is the best holiday of the year . It has all the benefits of Christmas and New Year with none of the hassle and none of the guilt. When I asked our children what was the plan for Thanksgiving, my daughter summed it up succinctly-  You cook turkey, we eat turkey. We have the menu down to an art form. I do the turkey  and the pies (pecan and pumpkin). The girls do the other dishes; same every year. The turkey cooked without stress and cleanup was a breeze. There was that little fire in the oven when the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes caught on fire. No problem, it just gave my  heart a good workout.

Flood 2013

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Thanksgiving this year had deep meaning. In June 2013 floods of epic proportions devastated our province, our city and our family. Our son’s acreage and home was the epicenter  of the  flood. The image at the left gives evidence of the level of destruction.  Their dream became a wasteland  in minutes. They had been in their home for only ten months.

As a community and as a family we are still in the cycle of rescue, recovery, repair, rebuilding and restoration. It has been journey of incredible pain and incredible joy. It sounds trite to say we walked by faith day by day however that was our reality.  Move ahead and wait became a common experience. Wait to get back to your property. Wait for government decisions. Wait for equipment.  Wait for the miracles.

I will tell more of the story in future posts but  as Steve Harvey used to say here is the Rest of the Story.

  • Rescue: Lowell,Terra, the 2 dogs and a baby deer escaped the deluge with minutes to spare.
  • Recovery:  Friends and strangers gave hundreds of hours of assistance.
  • Repair:  The incredible generosity of people fixing what could be fixed
  • Rebuild: Provision and purchase of a new property safely out of the flood zone plus  government compensation for their loss.
  • Restoration: The excavation for the new house on the new property took place on Tuesday, Oct15/13. The day after Thanksgiving


Embrace Fall 2013

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For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. 

Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.

Plans to give you a hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

Feast : What is this season offering you that refreshes,  energizes  and refocuses ?

Reflect : What is your journey of rescue, recovery, repair, rebuilding and restoration ?

Celebrate: What is the harvest in your life this past year?

Thanksgiving & Praise: What has God done & who has He been for you ?

Invite:  What are the new beginnings being offered?

Are you ready? Feast on as many apples as you can. Embrace the season !  You have a hope and an amazing future.









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3 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List

  1. Feast : What is this season offering you that refreshes, energizes and refocuses ? I find the smells of this season refreshes my senses, energizing me to make my house a home and refocuses my priorities.

    Reflect : What is your journey of rescue, recovery, repair, rebuilding and restoration ?…..it’s my family and I being rescued, going into recovery, being repaired, rebuilt and restored.

    Celebrate: What is the harvest in your life this past year?…that the Holy Spirit dwells in my home!~

    Thanksgiving & Praise: What has God done & who has He been for you ? My Abba Father, my Daddy….my everything.

    Invite: What are the new beginnings being offered?…starting a new business, and my internet ministry The Sacrificial Diet continue be transformed into His purpose.

    Are you ready? Feast on as many apples as you can. Embrace the season ! You have a hope and an amazing future. amen amen amen

  2. Linda you truly are a genius at painting a picture with your words. This brought back so many memories as I have spent a Thanksgiving with you and your precious family. Your questions leave much to ponder about, and I certainly will even though my seasons are the opposite of yours right now, I am looking forward to the next chapter of the Story. God bless & love you very much.