Fast Food

Fast food

I made a big mistake Monday. I left the house early to do errands taking a small breakfast with me. I expected the errands to take the morning & that I would be home to eat lunch.

Errands took longer as they often do. At 1 pm, I found myself aimlessly pushing a grocery cart through the store as I grabbed food off the shelves in a hunger-induced daze. I left the store with 4 bags of potato chips, greasy cheese buns & a bag of jujubes.

Worse, I went through McDonald’s drive-through & gulped down their food while driving. The chips, buns & jujubes remained unopened at the back of the van!

Arriving home, I felt depleted & discontented.

I can make the same mistakes in my spiritual life.

  • Not ingesting enough spiritual food at the beginning of the day
  • Convincing myself that I don’t really need to take time with God
  • Grabbing other food (social media, news, books) to try & get nourishment
  • Gulping down spiritual material instead of taking time to sit & really digest it.


“It leaves me ill-prepared for the storms of the day.”


I end up feeling the same way: depleted & discontented.


Psalm 37:3 says:

Trust In The LORD

Do Good

Dwell In The Land

Feed On His Faithfulness.


This Psalm brings to mind a picture of grazing sheep, their jaws shifting back-&-forth, back-&-forth. For Canadians, think cows feeding in farmer’s fields along the Trans-Canada Highway.

The animals aren’t hurried or harried.  They’re focused on feeding.

The post Homemade Please describes a human picture of this kind of eating. Linda told the story of a family birthday dinner. At the event, her family savored the meal as they lingered at the table sharing family stories.

They took time to connect. They fed their bodies & their spirits.

This is  a picture of how we relate to God.

  • sitting, savoring & sharing
  • focusing
  • feeding our spirit


Later Monday, I took the time to eat properly. I fed myself a healthy snack & dinner. I savored the meal as I sat at the table with my family.

Tuesday morning, I took time to feed myself spiritually.


I Sat

I Savored

I Shared

With God



“I came to my time with God feeling deplete & discontented.”


I Left Feeling





Your Turn

Where do you go when you feel depleted & discontent?

Does it bring comfort or false comfort?

What prevents you from sitting, savoring & sharing with God?

Be real about your struggles.

Listen to what He says.

What steps is He inviting you to take?

Once again we invite you to share your experience with us. We respond to every email. Contact us at

Virtually yours




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