Five For Friday – 1

Five on Friday

Writers get support & inspiration from the work of other writers.  This first post in the  Five for Friday series  features the writing of three bloggers. I pray that your heart will be touched  as you read.

Beautifully Broken

Josiah Viergutz blogs at Yielded to the Healing Fire. ‘ Joe’ is an amazing young man who has overcome a multitude of challenges. His courage, persistence & unbeatable faith are pure inspiration. Take a leisurely journey through his beautiful website.

Beautifully Broken

Finely crafted, a jar is molded by expert hands to accomplish a specific task set out by its maker. Who has the right to say ’I’m not happy the way I turned out.’? Nobody. It’s how I felt at times. But by God’s grace I was able to attend a program that would equip me to deal with my problems in a healthy manner. During one session God rocked my world hard but in a good way.

I felt like he was saying to me that it was time that I stop living the way I have been and come back to him.  (Read more)

An Invitation for You

Psalm27:8Holley Gerth is a gifted writer & speaker.  Her blog Coffee for Your Heart never disappoints.

The image to her An Invitation for You post caught my attention immediately. Psalm 27:8 is a core verse for my life.

Holley says:

In the middle of a wild, get-it-done world let’s pause for a moment and listen to the beckoning deep within our hearts. “Come and talk with me,” says the God who created the universe.

It’s what someone who loves us would lean and whisper. What an encourager who wants the best for us would offer. What a dear friend would say to us when we’ve been missed.

Whatever you’re doing right now as you read this, take a deep breath and for a moment just talk to the One who created you and cherishes you. (Read more)


How To Meditate on Scripture

Ginger Meditation  Ginger Harrington is a military wife & Mom.  Her blog Ginger’s Corner has the tagline “Where the Spiritual Meets the Practical”.  I like that!

Ginger says:

Meditation is one of those words that can have a strange vibe, and it can mean a lot of different things to folks. However, one of the most effective ways to travel from knowledge to core-belief is to meditate thoughtfully on God’s Word.

Meditation is worship that ponders giving time for truth to penetrate. It simply means to attend to, to practice, be diligent in, to ponder or imagine. (Read more)


The Unforced Rhythms of Grace

Crystal Thieringer has an online home at Muse & Meander

A fellow Canadian,  Crystal lives  in Ottawa  with her husband DSCN8455Martin .

They are the live-in people for two cats.

Crystal has stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul-Christmas in Canada; Chicken Soup for the Soul -Time to Thrive as well as in Stories of Passing Strangers.

Her post The Unforced Rhythms of Grace begins with the words

I’m sure you’ve had it happen to you–a phrase in a book, a line in a song, a quote from a movie grabs hold of you and Won’t. Let. Go.

Last week, I read this phrase:  the unforced rhythms of grace. I’ve been thinking about grace in general over the last few months, so perhaps that’s why the phrase caught my attention. (Read more)


 Give It All

Crystal-Give The final post for today is again from Crystal Thieringer.

This video treat was found by Melody,  a dancer with a servant’s heart.

The dance is beautiful.

And for those of us who are left-behinds, it is especially poignant.

Enjoy! (Read more)



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  1. Hi Linda. What a beautiful blog! I like the layout and the look. I’m honored to be included in your Five for Friday. Thank you for sharing this post. It is one of my favorites. Have a great weekend!