Five Minute Friday/Encourage

EncourageThe word  encourage means to animate, cheer, embolden, hearten, inspirit;   to impart courage, inspiration, and resolution to.

I had a living demonstration of encourage last week.

A friend from another province came to visit for five days.  The reason for the visit  was to mentor her in writing & help her establish her blog. Laudable seeing that I was the designated expert having launched my own blog three months ago.

Her view was that she was coming to a resort: the weather  at her home was -35C and we had plus 6C (almost capri and flipflop weather in Calgary)  plus the benefit of man-servant Al to keep us supplied with coffee, bagels & minimal snacks. Can you believe he didn’t bring us chocolate?

A more unlikely friendship you could not imagine. When we met a few years ago we didn’t connect and if honest probably didn’t like each other all that much.

You see we are both those girls– you know the ones! Too loud! Our voices shatter glass ! Too opinionated ! We ask the questions no one  wants to hear never mind answer.

We were both the designated problems in our circle of friends or  in our Christian communities.

To make matters worse my friend is tiny, slim with straight hair that can be shaken into place.  My hair looks thoroughly demonized most days. She can eat anything & it goes on my hips.

We connected last summer  & began this wonderful journey of exploration. The invitation was broached & accepted. No real plan- just come!

For five days we talked, we cried, we read to each other & cried some more. We laughed. We ate several rearrangements of  the meal from the first night. We bonded over images & words. We sang Halleluiah & did the happy dance of joy when we figured out how to get her Windows 8 ( don’t get me started) laptop connected to my WiFi network.

We each held the other’s heart in our hands. We shared vision &  dreams & design & destiny. We animated, emboldened & inspirited each other.  We declared: We Are Writers! Our story must be told. The Ministry of Parables has been lost  & it must be found.

Two Women

Heart to Heart

Embracing Their Destiny

The Ministry of Parables

En- Couraged


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5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday/Encourage

    • Ah, Linda. What a joy you are to many. So glad you had this opportunity to bless and be blessed. Love you, Dezda

  1. H Linda I can just imagine all of this happening as if I was there. Especially the part of the rearranged meals and your own man-servant. What a wonderful time you both had. Your writing is so entertaining and down to earth. Just love it. Sandy

  2. Great description of your time with your friend!! I too can imagine it! You crazy girls!!