Five Word Prayers

Writer and podcaster Lisa Whittle advocates Five Word Prayers. These short pithy prayers are powerful . They take us out of the panic or the lethargy of our life today. 

They calm our racing thoughts and still our beating hearts.  Five Little Words take our focus off our circumstances. They anchor us in the reality that we are not alone. Five Little Words move us from our head to our heart. 

We listen and we hear the  voice of our Shepherd . We hear Him give us the next step. 

A friend of mine is in the midst of house renovations.  Right now her kitchen is totally torn up. No stove, no microwave, no sink, no cupboards !!!! You get the picture. She still has to deal with two children and a puppy. Yikes! 

The truth about renovations is that they always take longer, cost more and are more hassle then you ever imagined. 

Is God renovating your house today? Maybe he is renovating your work situation or your marriage? How about your relationships? What’s changing in your children’s lives? 

Renovation always takes longer, costs more and is more hassle then we ever thought possible. 

In the midst of the chaos of renovations, pray these five words

Jesus , I  Need Your Peace

Jesus is doing a work of renovation in your life today.  He knows all about the cost, the confusion and the chaos. He is there with you. Receive his peace and get on with your day. 

 Virtually Yours


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