Freak Out Friday

Freak Out Friday

Last weekend was  long weekend for many Canadians. I don’t know about you, but I needed the extra day off.  I was  recovering from a Freak Out Friday.

Here’s The Story

Friday started out fairly normal. I left the house early for a dentist appointment. After that, I planned to stop by the local computer store Best Buy to ask them to take a look at my laptop.

Thinking I might have some time to work at a coffee shop, I packed my computer bag. It included a small index card with several usernames & passwords. These are joint names & passwords that Linda & I share. I tucked the card in a small sealed pocket inside the bag.

The card had vital information.

Can you see where this is going? There’s a teaching point here!

Sacrificing my coffee, I went directly to Best Buy. Walking to tech support, I took out my laptop & placed it on the counter. I chatted with Chad. He solved my problem. I shut down my laptop & returned it to my bag.

Back home, I went to my office & got ready to work.

Needing a password, I reached for the card.

And then, no Card-aniggle of anxiety pierced my thoughts. Extending my fingers, I explored the corners of the pocket.

Nothing-full-blown panic attack!

Jumping from my chair, I grabbed the bag, overturned it & violently shook it.

Empty-bolting up the stairs two at a time, I collided with the kitchen table. Grabbing my purse, I dumped it out. My hands shook as I rifled through the contents.

No card-a terrifying thought flooded my mind: What if the card fell out at Best Buy?


Two Dreadful Scenarios

First-I heard myself telling Linda I had lost the passwords. I saw her disappointment. After all, she trusted me with this valuable information. I had let her down.

Our partnership was surely over before it had barely started.

Second-I saw an image of Chad from Best Buy. Two hours earlier, he had been so helpful & polite. Now, I saw him as a villain. I imagined him, at that very moment, huddled with his Best Buy techie cohorts. They were hacking into our website. Using the information from the index card, they were manipulating our words & ruining our reputations.

In the middle of my freak out, this verse broke through:

When The Enemy

Comes In Like A Flood

The Spirit Of The LORD Will Lift Up

A Banner Against Him

Isaiah 59:19


The Rest of The Story

I was in a battle.

I stopped.

I prayed:

“Lord, help me find that card. Father, protect us.”

The panic did not subside immediately. Minutes later, I talked to Linda. She had responded to my text-  “I need to talk to you now. There is an EMERGENCY”.

Linda was calm, cool & collected. There was no sense of disappointment in her voice.

We prayed.

Peace & calm flooded my body & soul.

I found the card. It was stuck to the bottom of my journal, which was lying on my desk.

Last Friday, our newsletter said this:

“God most often speaks through his Word. One or more words or verses will seem to jump off the page. This is followed by simple thoughts or ideas that may require some action or some response on my part.”

I would add:

“One verse will jump into your mind at just the right time.”


That Is God’s Voice

His Voice Speaking To Me

His Voice Speaking To You

In Our Freak Out Fridays


Your Turn


For He Is A God 

Who Is Passionate 

About His Relationship 

With You 

Exodus 34:14


  • In the middle of our Freak Out Fridays, God speaks to us.
  • Take time to reflect on my story in the context of Exodus 34:14.
  • What thoughts, impressions & emotions are surfacing?
  • How is God inviting you to respond to your Freak Out Friday?

Share your experience with us at

We appreciate the responses we are hearing from you. Keep them coming!

Virtually yours




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