Get Specific

Get Specific

Sometimes it’s easy not to be specific with God. It seems easier to pray general prayers & ask general questions. And then, we hope we might hear something. Today, I want to share a time when I asked God a specific question & He answered with a specific answer.

But He didn’t use words.

My Story

In 2010, I started to experience low back pain. The pain became chronic. I saw physiotherapists, chiropractors & doctors.

And yes, I also received prayer ministry.

Nothing helped.

In summer 2014, the pain spread. I was scared & worried.

One day, I sat down with God to get some answers.

A conversation took place.

Me: God, I’m worried & scared. The back pain is spreading & it’s disrupting my sleep. I don’t know what else to do. I need you to step in. Can you please lead me to a permanent answer to this problem?

God: Remember that physiotherapist you saw a few years ago? He suggested a back support belt.

Me: Oh yes. I forgot about that!

God: Why don’t you look it up? Find a store that sells it.

Me:  Okay. (I Google it)

Me: Found it! And here’s a store. l’m going to buy one.

God: Sounds good. Talk to you later.


Did my conversation with God really go like that? Well no.

I used words to pray.


God Used Thoughts & Impressions To Speak


Seth Barnes in The Art of Listening Prayer writes:


Impressions are thoughts that flit & flash on the screen of our minds.

Impressions often seem very much like our own thoughts.


The End of the Story

The back belt wasn’t the solution. God used it to direct me to the store. At the store, I met a specialist called an ‘athletic therapist’. I underwent treatment with this person. The back pain resolved.


God Answered

My Specific Question

With A Specific Answer

Using Thoughts & Impressions.


One more thing:

I am not suggesting that we believe every impression is from God. We need to practice discernment. We’ll talk more about this.


Your Turn

  • What is one specific question you need to ask God?
  • Take time this weekend to talk to Him about it.
  • What thoughts & impressions are in your mind right after you ask the question?
  • What action do you need to take?


What specific question did you ask God? What did He say? Let us know.


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