Good News- The Time Has Arrived

Good News

I love reading mystery novels. I love the twists, the turns & the unknown ending. The whole point of a good mystery is that you know the ending will turn out well. There will be lots of questions, confusions & troubles.   But in the end things will turn out right; turn out with the hero or heroine of the story solving the problems & saving the day.

Mark wrote a story to people who were facing impossible situations. His whole point was to tell them – help is here. You don’t have to solve this mess on your own. You are not alone. Someone with great power & authority is with you to help you in the middle of your mess.

At the beginning of the story Mark says this:

The time promised by God has come at last.

Turn from your way of handling life.

Believe the Good News.

Listen to the end of Mark’s story:

After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, He was taken up into heaven. 

He sat at the right hand of God.

The disciples went out & preached everywhere.

The Lord worked with them.

He confirmed his word by signs that accompanied them.


We are right in the middle of Easter Week. Globally & maybe for you personally it has been a frightening & confusing week. We woke up yesterday to terrorist attacks in Brussels. Have you asked the question or thought the thought:  God, Where are you?

We have a real Enemy who wants us to move into panic & fear. He wants us to hide in our homes. He wants us to suspend activities. Suspend life!

As he did with Eve in the garden, he whispers :

  • God is holding out on you
  • Did God really say?
  • You are all alone
  • You have to do it yourself
  • Listen to me
  • I will tell you what do to


Let’s look at that last sentence in Mark’s story. Remember, Jesus had gone back to heaven.  Look at what happened next.

The Disciples Went Out

They Preached Everywhere

The Lord Worked With Them 

He Confirmed His Word 

By Signs That Accompanied It

 Easter 2016 

The Good News is :

  • The Enemy has been defeated.
  • I am not alone
  • Jesus is with me in the messes of life
  • What was lost in the garden has been restored

The Veil In the Temple

Has Been Torn 

I Can Live Today 

In the Presence of Jesus


My Job Is To 

Choose To Believe 


My prayer for you & for me is that  we will experience Resurrection Day 2016 in a new & life transforming way.

Keep checking in over the next few days as we explore the depths of the familiar story.

May you be filled with Joyful Anticipation because you now know the ‘ end of the story’.

Virtually yours


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