Homeless In A Palace

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As we read the story of Moses we focus on the amazing ways in which God rescued & protected him.

As children we coloured pictures  of the baby in the bull rushes.

We maybe imagined  the luxury of the palace in which he lived.

We get caught up in all the good things that happened to him & in  movies about this larger then life hero.

What we miss seeing is all the trauma Moses suffered as the  adopted child. the one who didn’t fit in; the one who was resented by others.

The Outsider

In many ways Moses was always the outsider. He never belonged anywhere.

Moses was rescued from certain death by the Pharaoh’s daughter. His mother was hired as his nursemaid &  he probably  lived at home with his family for those early years

At about age five she took him to the palace to be raised as an Egyptian. It is doubtful that Moses ever saw his parents or siblings  during those  thirty or so years in the palace.

Moses  was separated from his family, from his community, from his culture from five to forty .

Wait a minute, you say! Didn’t he grow up as the adopted son of Pharaoh’s daughter?  Didn’t he receive the best that Egypt had to offer?  Servants, wealth, education, safety and privilege were his in abundance.

Yes, all those  benefits were his. But the reality is that Moses didn’t fit anywhere. He didn’t belong  with the  Hebrews or the Egyptians.

His adopted grandfather probably hated or just ignored this child who should have been killed in infancy.

In the palace ,this intruder was resented . Perhaps he was bullied or threatened but no one would dare to go so far as to injure him.

What if any relationship did he have with his brother Aaron & his sister  Miriam?

Other Hebrew families were  bitter that Moses lived in luxury when their own babies had been murdered.

Moses didn’t belong.

A Man On The Run

At age 40  everything changed for Moses.

Moses, the murderer had to run for his life! He ran 900 miles from Pharaoh’s court to Midian, part of modern day Saudi Arabia.

Once again Moses didn’t fit.

Once again he had no country, no home & no family?

Where Was God? Why Did This Happen?

Here is what we know:

The people of Midian were distant relatives of the Hebrews. They worshiped God.

God placed this lonely outcast  in a country that had the same values, culture & most importantly the same God as Moses’ ancestors.

Moses met and married Zipporah the daughter of Jethro, a priest who served God.

God Gave Moses a Wife & Children.

He gave Moses a Father-in-law


Loved, Trusted & Mentored Him

God  Gave Him a Place of Belonging

  The Murderer-The Loner

The Man Who Never Belonged

Had Family,

Had Purpose

Had Dignity

Had Destiny

Moses worked in the family business for 40 years. Moses tended sheep.

During those forty years Moses was restored and prepared to fulfill his destiny.

Moses  was the one who  God had chosen to set His people free.

Moses Meets God

Moses knew about God but didn’t know God personally.

Moses met God in the wilderness tending sheep.

He learned to relate to God face to face.

He learned humility, leadership and faith. Leading sheep is not all that different from  leading people.

Your Turn

A father of the fatherless and a judge and protector of the widows is God in His holy habitation.

God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell.

He leads the prisoners out to prosperity. (Psalm 68:5-6)

Do you feel homeless? Are you in a season where you feel like you don’t belong? No matter how devastating your story; no matter what the neglect, the abuse, the rejection, the failure you can come home today.

You have a Father who loves you, receives you and has a destiny for you.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been homeless or  felt homeless.

Your journey to belonging  may have taken  80 years or 900 miles.

Today You Can Come Home.

Like Moses

You Can Meet Your Father

Face to Face

Jesus says: I was in the world and though I made the world you did not recognize me but if you receive me (trust me) I will  make you a child of God.  I will come and make My home in you.

Jesus has done everything necessary for you to come home.

You only need to come.

My Heart Has Heard You Say,

“Come And Talk With Me”

And My Heart Responds,

Father, I am coming.

(Psalm 27:8)

Take Time Today to Talk to Him

2015 is Your Year of Belonging

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  1. This was beautiful and touched my heart in ways I cannot describe. Honestly. I didn’t just think of something to say as a comment. Thanks so much for writing it.